Oh heck, I'm addicted!! I can't stop going out running every day. I know I should rest, but I can't!! HELP!!! I know need to take rest days, but I get grumpy and sad if I miss a day, so I haven't been, Can I be cured? Can I we weaned or do I go cold turkey ~ mmmm, cold turkey with salad, and new spuds...mmmm, good running food.


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22 Replies

  • If you continue without rest days your body will rebel - AND MAKE YOU ILL!

    I wouldn't risk it. How about doing something like Strength and Flexibility on your rest days? It may just help to take the edge off for you.

  • I have decided that I will cycle on my 'rest' days. Different muscle groups, and stops me doing both on the same day.

    Am I too old to start Duathlons and Triathlons!!

    I shall also spend more time promoting the business.

  • > Am I too old to start Duathlons and Triathlons!!

    Certainly not! I've been cycling for about 50 years and never considered 'racing' on my bike before now, but I thought it could be fun to try a duathlon, which I did in January. I enjoyed it and went back and did the other two in the 'Winter Feast' series. One plus about being a super-vet is there are very few others doing it (in our small local races at least), so a better chance of getting a placing!

  • Of course, I wouldn't be running and cycling against youngsters, would I?

    Congrats on your duathlons ~ I feel suitably inspired,

    As one of our son's friends says, 'I don't Tri, I Du.'

  • Oh dear lets hope you won't have to go into rehab! Joking apart, maybe you could have a walking day in between your running days. Or as Beek has suggested, another type of exersize that won't overwork your poor running muscles, but stops you feeling sad. Hope you can find a cure! Happy running x

  • I'm the same!! Feel the same as you Sallycycle. What I do is a lot of walking on the days I don't run. Or weight training, skipping, lunges that kind of thing. I think it's wierd how it makes me snappy when I don't run.

  • Snappy sums it up perfectly.

  • Noooooooo never to old. She says at age 47. Hehe.

  • 47!! A mere youngster.

  • What about 55? You lot are spring chickens and mere babes in arms ;)

  • Of course not; us 'past 50s' are just getting into our stride, so to speak!

  • Nope! Not too old, if I'm not.

  • hahaha, it's lovely to see you've been bitten by the bug. I try to cycle the days I don't run, and to make it interesting I sometimes cycle in to the nearest swimming pool, swim, and then cycle back again. That gives me a nice 2 hour work out, and not a single hard impact on any joints. Brilliant for a "rest day" :)

  • Excellent idea. Just a shame I'm a carp swimmer. I make lots of splashing and get no-where very slowly.

  • A 56 er here !

  • 56 is the new 36 when you're a runner (all except the knees, of course!) :)

  • I'm working on 56, give me a few years or so. I will catch you up, just as I always told my older brother, 'just you wait until I'm older than you!'

    I'm still waiting.

  • Haha. It sounds like you've got it bad ;)

  • Me too with this. I try to meditate on rest days because I get annoyed with other activities that are not running, and it helps with the snappy, blue moods.

  • excuse me, you babies, how about 67 ?

  • I think I recently heard of a 90 year old running a marathon, so a long, long way to go yet!

    Keep running, and stay safe.

  • Makes me instantly hear that song 'Obsession'. Lol

    Ah, running is good for the soul isn't it?

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