I think it's just about a year

since I downloaded a podcast and decided I was going to learn to run properly. I was on the way out of a winter that contained some really heart-wrenching energy-sapping trauma, was part way through a course of counselling to try and untangle the resultant psychological mess, and was mainly living on strong coffee, insomnia and raw panic (which on balance I don't recommend. It turns out that bodies need calories and sleep).

Anyway, I went out and got a bit sweaty and came back and felt a bit better. And kept going out and getting progressively sweatier as the weeks went on, and suddenly started to want to eat a bit more, and be worn out enough to sleep. And I found this forum and started wittering on about running to strangers, who as it turned out, listened, and said kind things, and have fab advice, and shared their own running-related witterings. And I started to realise that as well as quite enjoying being alive again, I also Really Bloody Love putting one foot in front of the other quickly.

I s'pose the point of this particular bit of wittering, apart from reminding myself how far I've come, is to let new runners know that

1) you just have to keep at it and you'll be grand, and

2) running is the best mood enhancing drug I've ever encountered. I wouldn't say I'm entirely sane these days, but I'm vastly happier :)

Bit of an eye opener to think that this time last year I could only run for minutes at a time and now I can cover 10 miles of hilly footpaths before I need a rest :). Keep it up, all. It's very doable.

And thank you, lovely internet strangers, for running witterings and incredible support. :)


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41 Replies

  • Great post tea fairy.

    What a fantastic mood enhancer this running malarky is.

    Where would we be without it?

  • Lovely words, and so good to hear that you are happier - and one needs a bit of insanity to be happy :) Big hugs!

  • You're right. After I got back to work my boss said to me "and I gave you the job because you're batshit crazy, so don't lose all of it!"

  • Lovely post TTF, and I've enjoyed all of your witterings over this past year. So pleased that you are feeling brighter. It never truly leaves you, but you've certainly found a new lifestyle that has greatly improved your life.

    Trust that you are gradually building up some muscles and putting on a bit of weight. And continuing to upset snarky girls with your brazen display of sports bra :-)

  • Haha, thanks. And I am indeed getting pretty strong these days (have always been a tad but brazen). Hope your running's going well too.

  • Nice post TF.

    I think most of us, in our own ways, have demons, issues or other assorted foibles that we would rather avoid. If this, or any other healthy activity, can let us forget about them for an hour or two then that can only be a good thing.

  • What a great post. Such an encouragement to me. It's the best bit of therapy I get each week.

  • So glad you are feeling a bit better about life. Keep on running...10 miles ? thats a flipping long way up and down, you are obviously much stronger than you think.

  • Brilliant post. Thank God for this running lark. Battling some personal demons in my own life and I think the running is really helping, particularly the raw panic, I can really relate to that. Thanks for sharing xxx

  • It really is a massive help, but if the panic's bad I'd try a but if mindfulness meditation as well - helped me a lot. Plus I went to my GP and got referred for counselling which was a lifeline too. Keep laughing and running and the rest eventually falls into place x

  • Had to give myself a stern talking to today and a bit of mindfulness. Was feeling guilty because, for one day, I didn't do ANY exercise. Twit! This time last year I hadn't done any exercise for 39 years! My internal demons are my greatest enemy. I am NOT bad person. Must keep reminding myself ....

  • Just keep reminding and reminding and if that fails, well, aren't bad people more fun anyway ;) x

  • It is said that exercise is the most under prescribed drug in the NHS. Lovely post. X

  • Well said tea fairy. I came to running looking for solace and I've found it, oh and I get some buzz from running. Better than anything the doctor can prescribe anyway and it's totally legal😏 glad it's making you happy too!

  • Legal, and the side effects include having rock-solid thighs and a peachy bottom, which can't be said for the alternatives ;)

  • Hmmm clearly I'm not running far enough, fast enough, uphill enough ... Unless you meant James's giant peach!

    Lovely post, all the very best to you :-)

  • Haha, I bet it's less giant and more peachy than you think - and I do think hills help.

  • Well wittered TF. Despite all you say there are still GPs who discourage running.....

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • I'm lucky enough to live somewhere where most people run or climb or cycle or hillwalk, and I do think it makes GPs more positive about it - most in my practice seem to run themselves. I'm no medic and I'm sure there are some people it wouldn't suit but I really think the majority of people get lots of benefit :)

  • Nice one TF, what's more it's almost a free intervention (unless you develop an expensive sportswear addiction). Glad you are feeling better, oh Internet stranger.

  • Hmm, road shoes, fell shoes, merino base layers, running pack for long days... Better not to do the maths!!

  • How lovely for you to share your story. It is truly inspirational and glad you are finding happiness in your 10 miles runs - me too! Running will always be part of us now because of what it gives back. Keep enjoying the gift and thank you x

  • Thanks all for the lovely words. :) x

  • What a brilliant post tea fairy - It is important not to be completely sane - that would be very dull indeed. You have done wonderful things over the last year and you will keep doing them. Carry on Wittering because if running is good for the body then wittering is good for the mind :)

  • Lovely post :)

  • No strangers here - all your virtual friends. What a lovely post and fantastic sentiments. This running lark is good for the soul as well as the body!

  • Glad it is going so well tea fairy - 10 miles up hills well impressive. And you are so right about this forum, the c25k programme - a revelation to us all.

  • Oh tea_fairy what a wonderful post. You've come so far and achieved such great things. You should be so very proud of yourself. Well done Sweetie :) xxx

  • Oh Tea , What a beautifully written, heartfelt post xxx

    You sound as if you have had some really tough times in the past, but you have worked so hard to overcome your demons.

    Keep on running Tea, and all the very best to you .

    Big hugs to you (((( )))) xxx

  • You've come a long way, tea fairy. That's inspiring - you're one tough cookie. Congrats on hanging in there - the running and the forum wouldn't have worked without a good dose of grit and belief in yourself.

  • You're right, though I'm extremely lucky to have lots of brilliant family and friends who provide the grit when mine's in short supply. That's invaluable too.

  • So inspiring. What a feel good post! Thank you.

  • What a great post tea fairy! I can identify withhow you feel in lots of ways, running is a great stress buster though that youve proved makes you stronger in mind and body! Well done on all you've achieved, and to more wittering posts. :)

  • Thank you for sharing that TF. Great post. Running certainly is the best remedy for me too. xxx

  • Hil, I'm quite sure my experience pales next to your recent loss, but I'm so glad to hear running is helping. Your strength and courage is a proper inspiration. X

  • You lot are all blooming lovely, thank you. I don't think what I've been through is any different to the rough patches life chucks at all of us at one time or another, but I do think it's useful to talk about it so depression and anxiety don't feel so out-of-the-ordinary or lonely, and I am pretty passionate about the emotional benefits of running :)

  • Lovely, inspirational post, although I'm sorry that it took going through such a bad place to get you into running :( I'm really glad though that it helps you, and may I say how grand it is to see you on this forum - you always brighten my day :)

    Many more happy years of running to you x

  • Ahh what a lovely post. Thank you for sharing I love to know how others have started on this journey and what it has done for them. I love it and can't believe how far I've come in such a short time x take care and happy running

  • "Some days I wrestle with my demons, other days we just snuggle"

    It is good to know that running has helped you get 'em where you want 'em.

  • what a beautiful blog and a great story that describes how life changing running can be.... thank you for sharing x

  • Amen! :) x

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