I think it's finally clicked!

I can't believe how well today's run went! I'm still a bit in shock!

I made sure to have a banana and some water before I left the house after lasts runs episode, so I left the house feeling optimistic. It probably also helped that I was wearing my new kit!

I found my pace really quickly and I had no issues with stitches which has always been a problem for me.

My breathing felt fine as well! I usually focus too much on my breathing which means I always over think it and can never get into a rhythm, but today was different!

The whole run felt so natural and I even had enough time to speed up at the end, with a quick recovery :)

Another plus, I've noticed some muscle definition on my calf! It finally feels like this is making a REAL difference! Thank you Laura!

Happy running everyone!

Stats = 3.48 km in 25 mins (need to pick up the pace!)

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  • Excellent going, can't beat banana power. :-) Hope the next run is equally was good. :-)

  • Great news well done you! All the best for the next step ... errrrr strides :D Linda x

  • brilliant!

  • By Jove - I think you've got it! Well done.

  • Well done!!! I think the shops must be selling out of bananas with all of us doing the C25K plan!!

  • Yes, you know you can really do it now!

    I'm becoming addicted to bananas!

  • Fantastic news x

  • Well done. We're all banana mad - I had 2 today in prep for the run! :)

  • Haha, thanks everyone! Love how all the comments are about bananas!

  • Well done that's great, Bananas all the way!

  • Yep a banana does it for me too, plus cup of tea and glass of water. There will be no holding you back now:)

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