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I think I have this!!!

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Having spent half of the day field testing excuses not to run this evening, I settled on "It's too cold, wet and dark - unlit roads etc...." then settled in front of the computer read some posts on this forum had dinner and watched some tv. All good except for that nagging thought in the back of my mind that today is a run day! It was incessant and I gave in - got changed, set up Strava, sorted my playlist, and basically stalled another 20 minutes. I finally hit the go button on all of the apps and hit the street. The rain was cold but light and the music was Great. I can highly recommend "A Town Called Malice" as a warm up track. By the time it had finished I was jogging and had probably my best run so far covering a lot more distance and still having enough to pick up the pace for the last minute. Week 9 Run 2 is in the bag and now I can't wait for Thursday and my Graduation Run (and first look at the scales since I started). To think 9 and a bit weeks ago 1 minute of running almost killed me. This programme is life changing. Sorry for the rambling - but I am just totally amazed at how far I have come and am on a total high after that run. Dread to think how unbearable I will be on Thursday :D

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Well done for getting out there. The mind is often more of a problem than the body in this game ! Enjoy your victory lap when you get to it x

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NonRunner67Graduate in reply to ButtercupKid

Victory Lap totally enjoyed - can't wait for this weekends ParkRun - Thanks

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ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to NonRunner67

Magic ! Well done you ⭐️

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The Jam, A Town Called Malice, yes a very good song to start your run, just listened to it on YouTube Music, 🎶🎵, good luck for your 🎓 graduation 🏃 run on Thursday. 😊 Nothing to dread about the run, I suppose it's your weight you are concerned about, don't worry about that either. 😊

Well done you a fine example!

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NonRunner67Graduate in reply to mx5mada


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Amazing isn’t it!! Well done for getting out there and good luck tomorrow.

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NonRunner67Graduate in reply to Sybilw

Thanks, nailed it and am going to bask in my own glory for the rest of the day :D

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Well done and thanks you’ve reminded me of how much I used to love the Jam! Just listening to Setting Sons album now 😁

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NonRunner67Graduate in reply to CatMo13

Adding it to my playlist now :)

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CatMo13Graduate in reply to NonRunner67

Oh if your name is a clue we were born in same year 😁 congratulations on the graduation! Park run already ! Go you! 🙌

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