I've had such a topsy turvy week. A mixture of glumness, positivity, hope, despair, drunkenness and eventual resigned acceptance. So many blasted emotions which frankly I could have done without, but then this is what makes up life's rich tapestry innit?

Tuesday's run didn't sit too well with me. I was worried about lack of work (don't ever be a freelancer), the phone hadn't been ringing with the usual enquiries and I thought a long run in Richmond PArk would sort my head out. It did to a certain extent but three quarters of the way round the park it all got a bit too much for me. Tiredness and just plain old feeling glum rooted my feet to the ground, turning my legs into statues of concrete. But eventually I finished it and in a not too bad time as well, so in the end it wasn't as catastrophic as my brain was telling me.

I got home and the phone rang. A job! Whoohoo!! Only 5 days but better than a kick in the pants. It meant Mrs Dan and I could go to Tescos for the weekly shop and not feel scared of my card being rejected!!

Next Day : Went to work on my brand new scooter (a replacement for the one that got stolen 7 weeks ago) and parked up. Went to work, did my ten hours working with an extremely nice lady who wore very alluring perfume and at the end of the day, walked back to my bike. It wasn't there. It had been stolen! My brand new bike which I'd bought to replace my other brand new bike, stolen!! I sat on the kerb dumbstruck and after texting Mrs Dan the news, called the fuzz to report the theft. Once I'd done that, I got up carrying a mountain of things - heavy armoured bike jacket, bike trousers, helmet, and my heavy shoulder bag - and made my way to London's lovely overcrowded and impossible hot and stuffy underground train system. A tube, a train and a bus got me home where Mrs Dan (God bless her) was already waiting for me to give me a hug and a glass of shiraz. Most welcome!

The next day I had an interview for a gig and got it! Three weeks work on top of the five days I've got now so things started looking up. I decided to go for a run this morning and see if I could do it after a horrible week.

I ran 7K at a very comfortable pace of 6 mins per K. I even got a couple of "good morning's" from runners who were also out on the Thames path and that was nice. I completed it in exactly 42 minutes without stopping and I was very pleased with that. My head felt clearer and I got everything into perspective and generally enjoyed the endorphines flooding into my brain from the run. I definitely felt good cos I'd achieved what I'd set out to do and decided that although life can be a bit of a sod sometimes and get you down, when you pop outside and breathe the air, hear the birds sing their song, feel the wind blow and feel your feet go in rhythm, it can make you feel a HELL of a lot better.

This is a bit of a sombre blog and I'm sorry for that, but oddly, writing things down like this is good therapy! So whatever you're doing this weekend, enjoy your running and keep on doing it.

Yer pal



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  • I understand exactly, I have had a week a bit like that - different but similar. And once at our business premises we were burgled three times in a row at six week intervals, just long enough for us to have replaced all the computers etc so I know how you feel about your scooter. Congratulations on the work front and hurrah for endorphins.

  • I used to live in a road called rosebery! Thanks for your kind words.

  • So did I - in SW2 just behind Brixton Prison!

  • I think I remember seeing you in the garden....from my cell!! Hahaha! (JOKE!)

  • That's rotten - to have your bike taken twice over - what a world, hope they catch the............ blighters ( watch my p's & q's) . It's good that you felt better after a run and the chance to put it in writing on the forum - gets it out somehow. You made good time on your run so are right to be pleased and the open air is quite therapeutic - sending my regards to you and Mrs D.

  • Thank Mossy1. Appreciate that. And the word you were looking for is bas**rds!!!!

  • What a rotten world this is sometimes. Why do the criminal 'have nots' think that the 'work hard for its' should subsidize their lives? Bastards indeed. I hope they get caught.

  • I hope they get caught too. You can hold them down, while I connect my jump leads to their...........


  • We are here for you Dan. How ffffffffffffrustrating for you. What an ache in the glutes!

    If it is any consolation to you, I have had a good week at work, with a day off yesterday, for my Old mum's 91st birthday, which was all great, but today's run was my toughest one since graduation. An easy pace 11k run on a familiar and favourite route, should have topped the week off nicely, but everything ached at some point and I stopped to walk a couple of times. I couldn't work it out, but just put it down as valuable training for the next run.

    You win some, you lose some but life goes on.

  • I'll get the jumper leads... Ba****s indeed... People make me mad sometimes... We humans are capable of so much good and yet we seem to continue to let the bad be the easier thing to do... sigh... anyway...

    What a nightmare of a week Dan.. sorry to hear that mate... Imagine a week like that without the running though.. Pacing the halls!

    Running is my therapy (and it's a hell of a lot cheaper too)... I'm glad you can use it to escape for a few moments too, clear the head and just "zone out" for a while... who would have thought we'd all "relax" by pounding the pavement and running...? I got a bit bored at home today without the wife and kids and thought "oh, I know, let's go for a 14 mile bike ride"... it's all a bit mad...

    Hope your new job pans out well for you Dan and onwards and upwards from here! Have a great weekend. And I hope they find the mongrels (and your scooter)... that sucks...

  • Cheers Aussie! Appreciate that. ALso......well done on your "little" ride!! 14 bloomin' miles???? Amazing.

  • Glad you posted it, Dan ;o) What a bummer having your second brand new bike stolen! Its no wonder you were feeling a bit down. Glad you got out again and had a good run ;o) Good luck with the job.

  • Thanks mate.

  • Agree, running is a great gloom buster as long as you can put things aside for the run. Really sorry to read about the theft - but on the upside how lovely the universe smiled on you as Mrs Dan was there for you for with hug and shiraz.

  • Thanks NB. The shiraz was almost as good as the hug!!!

  • aw Dan what a rotten week, poor you and Mrs. Dan. I really hope things start to pick up for you both soon. And your bike, how sucky is that ? thank god for running, it does help to just run run and run

  • Thanks GJ. I plan to run & run & run....!!

  • What a bummer....having another bike pinched. But glad to hear you've got some work lined up, and you certainly sound a lot happier now. I often find time and contemplation helps me to put ant worries/problems into perspective. Sending you happy thoughts!

  • Thanks AmberC. I really appreciate that.

  • Oh what a bloody awful thing to happen :(

    Glad you got through the week without throwing yourself in the river, and you had a great run and 3 weeks work to boot!

  • Yes TB. I am managing to put things into perspective.....and the 3 weeks work helps!!

  • What a shi**y week that was! No wonder you were a bit down. But great news about your run today and I agree that running can definitely smooth life's rough patches! Thank God for it, eh?

  • I agree. Running should be prescribed by doctors to peeps who feel down. Much better than anti depressants.

  • Oh dear Dan. It's not been easy for you. However, glad you had some good news and a fantastic run to top it all off. It can be difficult but stay positive.

  • Cheers Tanyag. I appreciate that.

  • Arghhhh! You just took me back 27 years and 4 months to the day after I got my shiny new CBX550, the last one in the shop as they'd been discontinued. I came out of my friend's house to find an empty space where I'd left it. You get a real sinking feeling in your gut, don't you. I had many many words for the bar stewards that took it. They didn't get the replacement (I still have it, we went out together today), I got a length of anchor chain and would chain it to a handy lamp post or railing or bollard or something!

    Well done on the run and work and huge commiserations on the bike.

  • I did chain my bike......but not to anything grounded. Ah well...I'll get over it. It was just a hunk of metal and rubber. I'm glad you managed to keep your replacement anyway!

  • Some say money isn't important. That's usually people who have enough of it. When you're looking for work to be able to buy food, it's no wonder that your mood might have been a bit down.

    Wonderful turn of event, and it's lovely to read how well you're doing mood-wise, work-wise and running-wise now. You rock!

  • Thanks Tomas. That is so kind of you to say.

  • Another bike stolen - some people are unbelievable! How can people do that, it makes my blood boil! Grrrr! So pleased your run sorted you mood some and the work is rolling in- long may that continue. At least as you say, when you get out running and hear the birds etc you can appreciate the good things and rise above Dan, rise above! x :-)

  • Running is my saviour. Thank God!

  • Running and this forum - what great therapy they provide! So sorry to hear about the bike - some people really are just vile, aren't they?? Great news on the work front, long may it continue. And PLEASE keep posting - I love reading them!

  • Ahhhh thanks Spanner. That's so nice to read. I appreciate that.

  • Aw Dan, what a rotten week you've had. :-( Thank God for the running! Things can only get better now.

  • I'm determined that they will! Thanks Ullyrunner.

  • Hi Dan, that sounds like a bit of a S**T time this week, and a second scooter stolen is just really rubbish, hope they catch them and do get to your thing with the jump leads :( Well done for getting out there and doing your running, its great for clearing the mind and spirit. Good luck with the new job, and hope there is many more to follow :)

  • Thanks aliboo. You are SO kind! (would love to see the bastards get zapped with jump leads on their _______s!!!)

  • brilliant blog, it shows perfectly how runnning can heal us from the trauma of life...well done Dan :)

  • Awwww thank you JuJu. Running is a passion ...... and THAT is all important. Thanks XX

  • Sorry to hear about the theft of another bike. There's nothing worse than seeing that empty parking space. In my case not only was the parking space empty, but the house was too....hope you have more joy from the police than we did!

    Congrats on you work. As a freelancer, I know all about empty diary syndrome. Mines empty till next April at the moment. Not good :(

    Keep up the running, and telling us about it.

  • Ohhhhhh FB that sounds terrible? May your diary fill up soon. X

  • Wow, that was a roller coaster of a read, never mind having to endure all that !

    I do hope the nasty s***s who stole your scooter are caught and get their just desserts.

    Good to hear that this great running business we've discovered has proven helpful.. and you have the lovely Mrs D on hand too.

    Hope you have a better week - onwards and upwards :-) x

  • Thanks very much pinkangel16. As you say quite correctly - onwards and UPWARDS!

  • Oh dear I just wanted to add my heartfelt good wishes for a better week next week. Two bikes stolen! some people put nothing but negativity into this world, but at least you can say that you do not fall into that category :) Your posts are heartfelt and very inspiring, please keep on typing.

    I am self- employed and at times the lack of that 'safety net' of an employed position is quite scary. A crystal ball would defo come in handy :)

    Keep on running !

  • thanks so much beforefifty. Appreciate that. And lets see if we can get a crystal ball on ebay!

  • Dan, I don't enough words to express how angry I am that you've had your scooter nicked...well, actually I do, but I'm trying to remember I'm a lady of a certain age who really shouldn't use that kind of language................

    It's great to hear that even so, you've been able to find the positive and put everything into perspective. Sometimes life's a b***h and it's good to have a little wallow occasionally, but it's also wonderful that you managed to have a fab run to blast away the rubbish.

    You really are an inspiration! (to me anyway! ;-) )

  • Awww thanks a lot dottiemay. That's so kind of you to say. I'm putting a brave face on it all and will try and get some enjoyment from buying yet another replacement commuting machine!!

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