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First post grad run


Hi all, as above first run since graduating. Managed just over 5 k, although I did have to have a few short walking breaks. I think I got tired quickly as my route (planned a new one for a change) started up hill and looking at my times on map my run I started off quicker than usual. I'm pleased and I ache today but I'm a bit disappointed that I couldn't do the whole distance straight off. It was quite warm when I went out in the evening (I'm usually an early morning runner) so I don't know whether this combined with a new route just threw me a bit? Any thoughts appreciated.

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I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. Each run is different, even when we stick to the same route and time of day. You changed both AND it was warm, so it's not surprising it didn't go exactly to plan. But look what you did achieve! You did 5k, almost all of which was running. Some of it was up hill, it was at an unfamiliar time of day for you and it was hot. Actually, you did BRILLIANTLY, just not quite as brilliantly as you'd hoped. Cut yourself some slack and be proud, really proud, of what you just did :)


I agree with what AncientMum; (GazelleMum!) you did really, really well and each and every run is different, there's so many variables. Starting out up a hill is always a tough start to a run. Running at an entirely different time from which you're accustomed can have an effect too, I'm sure of it, as when I've ran at times I'm not used to, I've found it a bit of a struggle. Heat most definitely doesn't help!

Well done; you did great and shouldn't worry. :-)


Thanks guys, I'm just my worst critic and am worrying a bit as I'm doing my first parktun on saturday. Really don't want to have to take walking breaks if I cabn help it. Silly I know!

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