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First post grad outing

Just done my first run after graduation - took a new route to treat myself, as Laura suggested and off in my funky new reflective vest through the freezing rain...there is something very saintly about being out in the rain... Checked my route when I got home on mapometer and did 4.90 km in 35 minutes - quite pleased with self, that seems reasonable.... Roll on Saturday and I can get out in the DAYLIGHT! 🌤

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Well done! I was out running this evening and it was so flippin dark. Even with my LED running cap I had all on to see my feet. I was afraid that if I kept my head down I'd run into a lamp post or sommat. Bah

Funky reflective vest! Good idea! You need to be seen!


Yep! I ran in the dark and rain today too and felt suitably proud of myself! We must be "real runners", us!! 💦🏃🏻💦


I love running in the rain. I never used to like running in the evening but I'm getting to like that now too. I must say though the Saturday morning autumn or winter run when the air is crisp & it's daylight is the best!


I can cope with the rain, but really don't like running in the dark! Well done getting out there - good time too!


nearly all my runs have been in the dark! Actually I like it, not least because there's less chance of being seen ! Haha


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