Doned it!!

The sedated slug has graduated, and I even ran 5k ! How's about that then ! Can't even begin to tell you how I feel ( knackered is the first word to come to mind ! ) Thank you to everyone on here who has pushed bullied and cajoled me along, I don't think for one minute I'd have completed without all the support I got from this site.

Had an amazing run, finally finally managed to run to music, OH fixed a very old mp3 and I ran with Freddie Mercury all the way. He never let me down, passed a dead seagull as he sang Another one bites the dust, just as I was flagging he came up with Fat bottomed girl and that kicked my butt, !! I want to ride my bicycle fitted in with my thoughts exactly and finished me off with We are the champions !

No stopping me now !!

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  • Fantastic. Well done.

    Love your choice of music, fitted your run perfectly.

  • Woohoo

    Congratulations. Sound like your music fitted your run perfectly.

  • Well done :-) what next ?

  • Plan on running twice a week for 20 minutes for fun, and once a week to bring my whopping time of 50 minutes down for 5k. Also got RFL in July which was what motivated me in first place ( my gorgeous grand daughter is fighting cancer, so running for her )

  • Well done, it's a great achievement. The cancer fight motivates a lot of us I suspect.

  • Another Weeeeell doooone from me GJ . You have been my inspiration too with your great posts & your wonderful cause. So this means onwards & upwards for me! Just going on to wk6 . This wkend am with Gdaughters 1&2 , of 6, as I explained in a past post & thought I'd have a go on the cross trainer, not sure I liked it ! but am going for a gentle jog with Daughter no 2 this am to keep aged joints mobile , then on to wk6 on return to trusty tmill on Tues.

  • Wow great stuff! Good luck in the coming weeks and I hope you keep posting ;-)

  • congratulations on graduating! And to run 5k as well....

    Enjoy the celebration!

  • Congratulations GrannyJudes on graduating and on the 5k. Very well done :) :) :)

    Your choice of music was inspired, think I may have to try a bit of Freddie myself. Enjoy glorying in your achievement today. I'm raising a glass (well a cup of tea actually), to toast your graduation -Oooh tea and toast, I appear to be celebrating your success with breakfast Lol :)

  • WHOOP, WHOOP, WHOOP!!!! You are a star, grannyjudes and an inspiration. Heres wishing you many congratulations and best wishes for your future running.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • What a fab post in so many ways - sedated slug, that is one hilarious picture I have in my head!! WELL DONE! You must be so thrilled! x

  • Congratulations, Grannyjudes! :-) You've done it, you've graduated: congratulations! :-) What a wonderful achievement, and what sounds like a great run you had, though my commiserations to the poor expired seagull. :-(

    Very very well done; the fun really starts now! :-)

  • A BIG WELL DONE! Congratulations on graduating, and fantastic on being able to complete 5ks also. I start week 9 on Tuesday, & so far I can only achieve 3.9km in 28 I shall be using you to inspire me onto 5km. Good luck for you RFL in July...hope your granddaughter wins her fight.

  • AmberC it took me 50 minutes ! BUT I did it, and so can you. up until this am the longest I had run was under 4, I looked at my garmin at 2.5 and thought , now if I turned around could I run home ( that decided me which way to go, the way that got me home in 30 minutes or the alternate which meant I would have a longer run ) decided yeah I could run home if I had to, and off I foolishly trotted ! ( foolish because I am so knacked I been sleeping on the sofa !! ) and thank you, our Jess will win her fight, no alternative :)

  • Well done GJ!!!!!! Many congratulations. I bet you're thrilled but relieved to have completed the programme.

  • Fantastic and a big well done. Congratulations :) you should be rightly proud of your achievement and running a 5k to boot. Brilliant :)

  • Drum roll You've only gone and done it Massive congratulation Judith! I remember how anxious you were at the start and just look at you now. You should be really proud of what you have achieved in running - and of course all the new technology you've had to get used to ! Good luck for RFL Hope all going well with granddaughters treatment ? She must be so proud of you

  • Well done grannyjudes, you are a 'killer queen'! Great music to run to. Enjoy your running and keep posting x

  • Fabulous, well done. Keep it up!

  • Oh Grannyjudes , I know you have waited for this day for soooo long, AND NOW YOU HAVE FLIPPIN' WELL DONE IT !!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!

    I have followed you on your amazing progress Judes, you've had setbacks and trouble with your phones, mp 3s etc whatever crap has been thrown at you, you've just dusted yourself off and got back out there , your determination knows no bounds :-)

    I hope your family are spoiling you today, Missus, because you are a very special lady. :-)

    I wish you and your little grand daughter all the very best and we are all rootin ' for you and hope everything goes well for you.

    Keep posting and many , many congratulations Judes, you have truly earned the badge ! :-) xxx

  • OMG everyone of you, all so lovely, all these lovely comments, basking in the glory, thanks so much

  • You bask away. That is so amazing to carry on to 50mins on your graduation run. It was as much as I could do to run for 30mins on grad & believe me that was well below 5k, in fact it didn't even reach 4k. Hope everything goes ok with yr Grand daughter. Good luck with RFL. x

  • Well done Grannyjudes!!! What an achievement! Please keep posting - your input has been inspiring my runs - and I use your sedated snail description often to describe my own running style

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