I did it, and I'm still alive (just)!!!

I've just done run 1 of week 1 and I'm so bloomin chuffed! I've been lurking on here for a couple of days whilst waiting for my running shoes to arrive. Reading about everyone's experiences really motivated me to get out there. I did feel a bit self concious when I met a couple of 'proper' runners on the road but hey, they must have started somewhere.

Quite excited about my next run, in the meantime I'm off to wait for my face to return to it's normal colour!


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14 Replies

  • Super duper well done for starting!!! I had never ever run before until starting this program and I ran 20mins solid today - it really works, just trust and obey Laura!!

  • Wow, 20 mins is amazing. I can't imagine doing 10 never mind 20 right now but I will def keep at it!

  • I felt exactly the same as you, as did most people here! the hardest thing was starting and you've done that now!

  • Well done! I will always say the first run was the hardest for me because I was very self concious about running in public. Think how much the weather and colours on the trees will have changed when you are finishing :) Lighter evenings also...so much to look forward to!

  • Welcome! You will love the support and friendship you will find in this Community! Just remember, one foot in front if the other! :-) Gayle

  • Well done. The worst is now over (getting out the door and actually running, even if for just 60 seconds). .-)

    Don't overstretch yourself. Slow is good. And yes, listen to Laura.

  • Ooops... .-) should've been ;-)

    Again, well done.

  • hiya! well done for going out. big step, as everyone says. It is.

    but now you've gone out, keep going!!

    you'll be one of those "proper" runners before you know it ;-)

    keep us all updated as to how you're getting on.

    ali :-)

  • Way to go! I struggled with w1r1 but just finished week 4 and amazed at my progress. Running for longer and breathing easy (actually enjoying running for the first time in my life too!). Stick with it and keep us posted on your progress :-)

  • Ah, thanks so much for the encouragement everyone, so pleased I found this place!

  • I just finished W9R3 and it will only be 2 months now before you do too! Well done for getting out there. Its fab running with some daylight in the evenings now too. I hope you really enjoy it!

  • Just finished Wk1 R3... and even in a week i can see an improvement (and You will too!!) Keep going!

  • Congrats on your C25k start! You're smart to join this forum right off as this are the most encouraging group of people ever... and filled with great advice to help keep you going — I Just finished W4D2.

  • Well done on getting out of the door - the hardest step of all! :)

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