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All I need to do is turn off my brain!

So so so frustrating.. I keep stopping !! 😡

Somehow I have got it in my head that it doesn't matter if I stop and now I keep stopping .. definitely mind over matter!

I'm on week 8 and I've just ran maybe half of the 28 mins and then the second half on and off , a couple of mins at a time !

As you say today is a 'practice' .. run 1 re-take on Friday! 🤞

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If you have to stop then you have to stop. Don't worry about it. It's only 8 weeks since you left your couch. A stop can mean the difference between finishing and not.

Just keep going slow and steady. You're doing fine


Well I did the 28 mins today but I haven't saved my run because it wasn't constant .. 😩

I'm going to try so hard on friday


Don't be disappointing, be happy that you're getting out there and getting fit.

Well done for the 'training run' you did. It will really boost your fitness for when you finally tackle week 8 on Friday ;)


Slow down. It's not a race. You will find that if you slow right down rather than stop to walk, your energy levels will pick back up. Every time you hear yourselft telling you to stop. Tell that inner voice you will slow down a bit but you cannot stop.



Great advice will try that!

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