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Hi everybody

Having a bit of a bad day keep crying and getting panicky couldn't run today due to silly shins which are a lot better I must say! So, I have just entered the 1 mile run at the rock and roll marathon event In liverpool there was a 5 k option but I'm not ready for that so 28th May my first ever run in a race and I hope I can run a whole mile with out walking has given me a little goal for this month 😊😊😊 x

Now to stop crying as I have a goal xx

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You can do it Catherine! I'm with you in spirit :) think we have the same running days

Keep going Catherine, those small goals are the important ones. Crying is good for you so let it out!

Thank you feeling much better than I did earlier time for sleep and new day tomorrow xx

That sounds good, I keep thinking I should put my name down for something like this. X

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Catherine23 in reply to wigiwig

Have a google of it it looks brilliant there are live bands playing at different points of the run x

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wigiwig in reply to Catherine23

Will do. I was wondering about a mud run too - getting on public transport afterwards might be an issue though! I hope you're shins are all rested up now :)

I think it's absolutely fine to have a bloody good cry, you're going through a massive change, not just physical but mentally, and it's painful and all absolutely natural. Just visualise finishing running a mile and how you'll feel !! It'll be amazing and what a fantastic achievement?!?!?!

You go and cry as much as you like , it shows this matters to you, I bet you're not the only one to feel like this 🙂

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