I did it!!! Yet I'm feeling deflated :(

Did my first ever run, and in daylight too!! :D Felt as though I wanted to run faster or with a longer stride but I'd read about taking it slow and steady and I'm really glad I did as I don't think I'd have been able to do all the jogging parts otherwise.

I was on top of the world and feeling very proud of myself, so when my partner didn't really acknowledge the achievement it felt like a pin taken to a balloon :( I was hoping for a cheerleading squad waiting for me! (slight exaggeration but you get the gist lol).

Can you lovely people give me a much needed boost to get me out the door for run 2? I thought the first would be hardest to get motivated for, but I was actually looking forward to it all day!


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26 Replies

  • Well done. That first run is not as easy as some people might think - it's a real challenge. It's a good thing you decided to take it slow even though at first you were wanting to do a bit more than that - it's deceptive just how much it can take out of you when you're not used to it. Have a nice day's rest tomorrow (this is important so that the muscles can recover and repair) then have a good second run of the week. Good luck and best wishes.

  • Thanks - good to know I'm off to a good start! :)

  • Hi Ufon, I have my pom poms and ra ra skirt on especially to say "CONGRATULATIONS ! " to you :-) I too was absolutely bursting with pride when I came back from my first run. You will find your very own bunch of cheerleaders here, it is a very supportive group . Well done and keep running, you can do it ! xx

  • Yay! Whoop! (That's me cheerleading for you ;) )

  • Give me a U, give me a F, give me a O, give me a N and what have we got? UFON, UFON, UFON. Well done, Ufon :)

    My first run today, too. Don't feel deflated, you're doing an amazing thing so enjoy and be proud of yourself.

  • Wow, well done you too! :)

  • Yay!!!!! Well done you!

  • Well done, and keep it up! It only seems like 5 minutes since I did mine! (Now at end of W4) Your body needs time to adjust, so keep with it...the pace soon picks up! :)

  • Well done you! That's fantastic. My hubby is very supportive of my running now, but it took a little while for him to realise I was going to go out and do it for me, no matter what. Sometimes I think our families/partners feel a bit unsure of why we are doing things, and doing things for ourselves for a change, takes a bit of getting used to. Anyway there is plenty of support and motivation here. You have started a great thing with so many positive benefits. Take it steady, have your rest days but please, carry on doing it! x

  • Good to know I am not alone in this! :)

  • Not with us lot here cheering you on! Even my hubby now tells everyone that I run, how good is that after all my years of doing not a lot x

  • Woohoo!!! You did it!!!!first and hardest out of the way, the only way is up now. If you need motivation to get out of the door remember how brilliant you felt and hang onto that. Maybe your partner didn't realise what a huge deal this was for you but we do and you do too. Give yourself all the credit you deserve and look forward to the next one. You are brilliant to have got out of that door and will again.

    Before you know it we will both be graduating and encouraging other newbies!!!!


  • Graduation.....my that seems a long way off! lol

  • Nah only a mere 8 more weeks.....ahem gulp etc! All us week 1 newbies can do this, support each other and lean on all the other lovely people on here! Think only warm, fuzzy, positive thoughts!! Hee hee


  • Don't kid yourself Ufon - it comes around a darn sight quicker than you think. e174 has made a couple of good points here. Cheers.

  • Well done! I did my first one today too and feel very pleased to have taken the first step. I found run 4 ish hard to keep going but just managed it, harder than I expected but pleased I've started. My knees are hurting now though, I haven't really done anything for a very long time! Planning run 2 over the weekend, might be weather dependent. Keep going.

  • Well done tiny, keep up the good work too!


  • I found if my knees began to hurt (and I have knee weaknesses from dancing in my youth) that a slightly smaller stride helped a lot. Good luck with run 2! :)

  • I had people thinking how silly I was and saying I'd not keep it up and basically not being on board or encouraging me. As time has gone by people have been more positive and impressed :D How can they not be? I am in the last week of the plan, running 30 mins continuously and I have signed up for a 10k race whereas they are where I was before I started the plan - on the couch :) Anyway you are doing this for you not for them so who cares what they think or say or do.

    Stick with it. It's a great plan. The feeling of achievement is excellent. I hated running when I started now I have to do it.

    The benefits are wonderful and running is life affirming xxx

  • well done. you keep it up and your partner will start cheering you on, i'm sure, and if not, we'll be here.

  • Getting out on that first run is a huge achievement. We will always be here to cheer you in and it sounds like a few others are just starting out too. When I was doing the programme there were four or five of us who looked out for each other's posts and I felt very much attached to them - we really supported and motivated each other. You might find the same thing happening with others on week 1. On top of that there are all the other lovely folk on this forum, some of whom completed the programme years ago but still take time to comment and just generally cheer you on. So, well done you :)

  • Well done at taking that heroic first step to get off the couch and take control, making the decision to positively change your life is half the battle...and together with this fantastic forum and Laura's encouragement you can do it. I'm now on week 5 run 3, and I vividly remember that first run.....I thought I was going to throw up or pass out in the park!!! However with each run little improvements do occur and all of a sudden you will find yourself running for 8 minutes! So keeping on going, make sure you take a day off in between runs, stretch after each run and remember this programme really does work.....just read all the hundreds of positive comments, postings and replies on this supportive inspiring forum.

  • Thanks everyone, an overwhelming amount of support! Roll on w1r2 :)

    Woke up this morning expecting to feel extremely achey, but actually I don't feel too bad at all considering it was the first run in half my lifetime! Can't wait to get out there again!

  • Hi there I did my first run yesterday and it felt good until I got home, I've never hurt so much but I'm looking forward to my 2nd run its a huge sense of achievement for me and I felt exactly the same as you did I expected a banner or something when I got home lol

  • Great to see all you newbies starting - keep it up! I'm 57 and hadn't done any form of exercise for a good 20 years (and very little then!), I started with C25K March13 and now I'm regularly running for hour long stretches and running 3 or 4 times each week. Best of all, I'm running outside - where it's immediately accessible and free.

    My other half was sceptical at the start (I am really NOT a sport person), so there was no cheerleading - until I got about half way through, then he came out with me and tried a run. He has a lot more respect for running now and couple that with the changes he has seen in my body shape and he has become really supportive.

    If I can do this, you certainly can. Just remember : don't try to stride out, long strides put extra pressure on your joints. Laura tells you short light steps, she means it! Make them really short (shorter than your normal walking stride). You can always stretch them out later. Start slow (really, SLOW), it is better to go slowly and have the energy to sprint the last 30 seconds than to feel wretched because you have had to stop. Trust the program - it works! Don't worry about running outside (the truth is, those that don't know you, don't care and those that care about you will be cheering you on, no-one else matters). Be proud of yourself. You are becoming part of something great; you are taking charge of your life and health. You will be amazed how much energy you will have in a few weeks. If ever you begin to flag in weeks to come, go out and do run 1 again. Even by the end of week 3, you will be amazed at how much easier it is.

    Go you!!!

  • Thanks for the advice, and I hope my other half decides to try this too so that he can see why I wanted a cheerleading squad ;)

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