Wk9R1 and my first 5k in under 30mins!

I have to say I'm pretty ecstatic...it's taken 2 years to achieve this and I did get veeeery close last summer before my injury. I ran 5.07k in 30mins and I had to stop to re-tie my waistband of my leggings which is quite fiddly at one point also. Hopefully I can keep it up for the next couple of runs to finish the programme and keep my leggings up!

This has given me the boost I've needed as I'm still waiting on the scan for the abdominal pain/possible gallstones which does affect my running. I haven't been on here much because I've been sulking a bit, but have tried my best to keep running when I've felt ok.


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  • Congratulations, under 30 minutes is great achievement. :)

    I'm waiting to have my Gallbladder out, it causes me some issues, somedays I go Jaundice after eating even though I am careful with what I eat, been waiting for what seems an age to have it done :( Goodluck with your scan!

  • I'm really hoping they can tell me what it is at the scan, going back the the dr's next week because I've started getting pain on the left hand side right beside my belly button too...not sure if this is gallstones after all?

    My main problem is I get massive pain as soon as I stop running and start walking, today I was nearly doubled over by the time I got home I thougt about going to A&E. It's not normally that bad though thankfully.

    I hope your not waiting much longer for your op!

  • Well done!! :D :D :D

  • OMG....you are doing so well! 30 mins...5km....I can't believe I'm saying that in the same sentence :o I hope all is well with your scan, and keep up the fantastic work :)

  • Thanks! I can't remember my excate time the first time I did the programme (over 3.5 stone heavier) but it was around the 35min mark so I think the weight coming off and the a year and a half of running...with a 6 month gap really helped :)

  • Impressive! :)

  • Great job! You're almost there... will you get a special badge on graduating for a second time? Perhaps a darker green, or an orange one... :D

    Don't sulk. I know it's hard not to (been guilty of it myself recently), but the only one you're harming is yourself.

  • Turn it purple for a day, I'd love that :)

    Today I have stayed on the sunny side of the street and no sulking here I promise :)

  • Wow what a journey... Well done you that's a fantastic achievement :)

  • Nicely done :D

  • Thanks everyone! Sometimes it's a bit harder when you've done the programme before the achievements don't seem so big because you've done it before. But today helped hit home the progress I have made and I should be just as proud of that as I was first time around :)

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