Couch to 5K

Just completed W5R3 - am in shock!

Title says it all. Have literally just got home from completing W5R3. This run was my everest! I've been dreading it for at least a week and i honestly didn't think i could do it.

It wasn't too bad But our wasn't until the last 5 minutes that i thought i would actually finish. I just couldn't believe it. I was slow but every 5 minutes or so increased my speed for half a minute or so then slowed again. But i did it!

The best bit is that afterwards i felt less out of breath and less tired than i did in the very first week. Though my legs are a bit like jelly right now. I've now got 2 days off before i start week 6. is my birthday Wednesday so in going to enjoy it. I think I've earned a slice of cake!

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Great stuff Dawn. That's a big milestone and defo have cake.

Many people struggle with week 6 so just continue to take it easy. Well done.


Congratulations! Lots of us (especially me) were scared of the final run in week 5 because it seems such a big jump in effort. Credit to the designers of C25k, and to the support I got from this forum, for getting me (and you) through it. Now you know you can achieve lots more than you originally thought, your new confidence levels should make the rest of the program straight forward. Good luck :-)

P.S. Happy birthday for Wednesday


Brilliant! So well done to you and just in time for your birthday too. You definitely deserve a big slice of cake for that.


Well Done. My husband did it last night. He was dreading it too but managed it better than he thought.

Happy Birthday for Wednesday. Enjoy that cake :)


Well done Dawn,

That's the big one! After next week it is just a steady build up to 30 mins. But as Dunder says, don't be surprised if you find week 6 a bit tough. Just take it steady.

Good Luck


Thanks all:) the jump from 8 minutes to 20 was a bit of a scare factor for me so I'm not feeling too bad about week 6 but we will see!


Awesome! :D Congrats!!! It's so encouraging to see others do it as I'll be there next week!


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