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W1R3 - stream of consciousness

W1R3 - stream of consciousness

- 5:40 - up and out.

- Warm up - past the dog walker - say "Good morning" like I do this all the time. Which I think I now do.

- Got my route sorted out. Including hills. This is hill beatdown (I don't really know what that means - I saw it on YouTube and wanted to use it sometime)

- Runs 1 to 5 - so so. Breathing ragged enough to set some curtains twitching. Feet haven't learned to kiss the pavement yet. More like the slobbery kiss from the half drunk great aunt at Christmas when I was a kid.

- But Run 6 was effortless. This is how I hoped it would be. It seemed like I flew along - I'd even braved Loughton High Street as well. Traffic stopped - people got out of their cars and gazed on in awe.

- Random thought - my cat, Mogsta, was killed by a car earlier in the year. Brother offered me a kitten. Refused. Then he sent a photo which is attached. B*gger. Don't know what to do!!!

So, that's week 1 out the way. I've got a day or so to think about repeating W1 or moving straight on to W2.

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How can you turn down such a cute ninja kitten.

My advice is go straight to week 2. Every week so far (I am on week4 now) I have finished and thought "Are you crazy I can't do next weeks runs" but the steady increase seems to be balanced brilliantly and I have so far not had to stop running before an interval is finished though it has occasionally been a very slow finish to the interval.

Edit: Curse you for making me want to go get a cute black kitten (I already have 2 cats and the older still isn't entirely happy about the younger having moved in)


If you have completed week1 run 3 then move on. Of course you can repeat if you want, but the programme moves you on and Laura only asks you to do what you are capable of, so go for it.

Oh - and I think you know what you want to do about the kitten.... It looks gorgeous :-)


What a wonderfully cute kitten! You must accept! :-) I couldn't refuse that cute cute kitty face!

You will be fine to go straight into week two; just take it steady. Good luck! :-)


Move on up as good ole Curtis would implore. Towards your destination ...

Kitten .... mmmmm, if in doubt don't do it. Ask yourself the serious potential pet owner questions, reasons against and reasons for. Tot up ayes and noes and then decide.

Bear in mind you don't want any more distractions at the minute til operation c25k is completed

I am in a disciplined frame of mind this morning. LOL


Take the kitten, take the kitten...

He/she can be your running mascot "Couchie" or "Speedy",

I agree with the others, have a go at the next week. You can do it :)


I am the wrong person to ask about the kitten - they eat, they

Poo, they scratch you, they are very demanding, they hog the bed, they attack your toes, they bring presents, they aren't bunnies ..... They are totally cute, they purr, they are playful..... I have four of the fluffy monsters, though I do threaten exchanging them all for bunnies :)

Look at that ickle wee face, he needs a home.... go on one little kitten can't be that much trouble, just look at those eyes....

Well done on completing week 1, if you completed all the runs I'd move straight to week 2 it builds up gradually and I'd doable


Go on to week 2. If the last interval was "effortless" it sounds like you've worked out the right speed to run at and are doing fine. The only reason not to move on would be if on W1R1 you only managed something like 1 run and on W1R2 you managed 2. But it sounds from this run as though you're doing fine, so just go for W2.


The message from runningnearbeirut gives me some courage ... I did W1R2 yesterday - managed 7 of the runs on Day 1 and all 8 yesterday although it was by no means effortless. I was thinking of repeating the week after my Run 3 on Friday but it sounds here as if I might just be able to tackle W2???


Get the kitty, he's far too cute not to. Well done on the running as well. Definitely move on, you sound like you're super-ready!


Hi all,

Apologies for tardy responses - been a busy one at work.

The new regime has left me tired - fell asleep at my desk yesterday after another 5:30 start. Fortunately, I'm self employed so don't have a boss to answer to.

Thx for the tips - I've given myself another rest day today (bread and apple pie to bake, strawberries and raspberries to pick) and starting on W2 tomorrow when I'll be in Worthing so get to do a seafront run.

Been over ruled by SWMBO on mog... :-(


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