What's one of the worst things to meet on yr run?

Your local running club!!!! 50+ runners heading towards you on your quiet night (jog)

W4 R1 last night, wise advise from my last 'bad run' was to drink more befor going out, I don't think I drank enough as again I came home light headed!! But felt great, running 5 mins straight I was a little apprehensive 16 mins total I thought 'Mmmmm'??

First 3 mins I was thinking ill struggle on the 5, then doing the 5 I came across the running club the embaracement kept me going, next 3 was ok but kept thinking omg I've got the other 5!!! Then I don't know what happened but my legs didn't 'feel' like mine they just jogged along quite happily they could have kept going ( not for long)

The other thing that really surprised me was I wasn't out of breath I really controlled my breathing I have asthma so that's a real bonus


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9 Replies

  • Well done! :) I haven't yet met a big club, but came across a group of about 5 other runners a few weeks ago, and that was bad enough for me. But as you say, the idea of giving up so publicly can be enough just to spur us on for a bit longer ;)

    It's a great feeling when you realise your legs are just getting on with it, isn't it!

  • Excellent progress on the breathing. Good advert and encouragement for those in the same situation...well done.

  • Hi, I found myself very wheezy befor as I'm cold sensitive asthma wise, and it was very cold last night, still took my inhaler though x

  • One of the worst things for me to meet on my run, is a group of Y11 lads from the school I work at shouting 'encouraging' comments to me!

  • Hahahahaha xx make sure they get extra work

  • Sorry, but couldn't help laughing at that! I bet at least some of them actually mean it (but would die before admitting it!) :)

  • This is the funniest situation I can think of and could happen to me too. Setting a good example though and showing them that you just need to do your own thing and not worry too much about what others think. Excellent!

  • My husband once went out for a run in our neighbourhood. He hadn't been running for donkeys. The route he took used to take me 40 mins to walk it pushing a double buggy and its reasonably flat. When he came home I thought someone had attacked him cos he couldn't breathe and was making huge rasping noises. When he calmed down slightly he said the fear of who he might meet once he started running made him keep on running. It took him days to recover. I had a good old laugh about it and best thing is, he didn't meet anyone he knew and no-one ever mentioned seeing him out running. Beware the fear of who is out there - they probably aren't even looking at you!

  • Poor guy! :)

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