i did it! with a flypast of geese!

I woke up and asked myself if I felt like a lion or a mouse? A mouse came the reply. But with today being my graduation day I got up put my shoes and got out there. And I did it!

So, what have I learnt?

1. That if i just get my shoes on and get on with it, I can do it. Leave out the thinking, excuses, buts. Just get on with it. So it is in my diary on W, F, S and I have some routes that work and I can do it am or pm. I can. I do. I can do it!

2. It really doesn't rain very much at all.

3. It is lovely being out there in the fresh air seeing the birds, the ducks, the dogs, the 'morning!' people, the deer and today the celebratory honking skein of geese (thank you whoever organised those!).

4. This community is fantastic! There is always someone to cheer you up, make you smile, make you think(!), motivate you, offer advice and wise words. Thank you for being there!

5. Running is good for me. I feel so much better - 1 stone lighter - but fitter on the inside and the outside. It makes everything better.

6. Say after me.... "I am a runner"

So my plan is to run for a bit longer on Sunday and confirm that I can do the 5k distance. I nearly did it today (4.92 k in 32.5 mins) so it is just a question of routes. I didn't know I could run. I am going to run 30 mins and 5k mixed up and then do a Parkrun in November. And then just keep going through the short dark hibernation months. That will be hard!

Today I did woohoo in the woods (and an extra for Lizziebeth in Edinburgh) and I did kick my heels - both sides! I am, as ever, Pink and Smug. And very damp today as it is very misty.

Thank you Laura.


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22 Replies

  • Well done! I felt like I was on top of the world when I graduated!

  • Thanks Aftabs! I love your photo! I will admit to being on a high all day today.

  • Fantastic! And congratulations! I agree about being out in the morning - though I've yet to see a geese flypast, I have met some very nice cats, though sadly had to run on past and couldn't stop to stroke them. After running 6k yesterday I decided maybe I was entitled to call myself a graduate - being of a slightly nerdy and obsessive nature I couldn't let myself believe I'd actually done it properly unless I'd done 3x 5k, in week 10 just to prove I was going to keep at it! But absurdly delighted to see that badge there this morning ;-) You're right about the rain too - so far in 10 weeks I've managed to avoid all but the lightest drizzle, though I know I'm lucky in that often I can run at different times of day, not just before or after work. The winter will definitely be our toughest test...keep posting won't you?

  • Thanks for the congrats and 3 x 5k in a week - now that is a reasonable target! Thank you! Personally I know I will need to keep posting to get through the dark days. I always want to curl up when I get in from work. I was dazzled by a cyclists light this morning so that is something I need to investigate - a real bright light!

  • Well done. :-)

  • Ta!

  • Fantastic post deb. I was thinking of you as I did my run this morning. Kicking your heels and woohoo'ing away.

    I love your summary of what you've learnt. I agree with everything you say. I didn't realise how little it rains either, even here. Mind you I am on the east coast. I have done a wee post too and been thinking about what to do next.

    Park run in November sounds about right, a good challenge for us runners!

  • So inspiring, thank you and well done deb. Hope you gave yourself a huge pat on the back x

  • Thank you!

  • Congratulations! PS I love your profile pic :)

  • Wow, great to look ahead and see what's in store! Really positive. Well done! You must feel amazing :-)

  • Just found my first post:

    "This is my first post after 3+ weeks of C25k. There wasn't much to say before. Week 4 is different though (isn't it?); it was harder but I have a real sense that I have been running! I now feel surprisingly good, a bit smug and definitely pleased with myself. however, the dog and the cat are not impressed so thought it was time to blog!

    Roll on Sunday for week 4 run 2!"

    Thanks for the congrats but it is the programme that needs the congratulations. Week 4 is when it all starts to come together. Keep going those of you at the start of the prog! It is a challenge and it is an achievable challenge!

  • An excellent post, deb54 and an even better achievement. Congratulations. I hope that you will forgive me for stealing your "smug and pink". I've been scattering it around the forum, because I think it really sums up C25k better than anything else I have seen written about it. I'll give you citations, if you want!

    Enjoy your postgrad running.

  • I just wish I had picked Pink and Smug as my profile! Great range of t-shirts though, don't you agree? It does sum it up!

  • It's definitely going on one of my running shirts some time soon!

  • We all know "smug and pink"!! My husband has stopped asking me "Are you supposed to be that colour?" so I presume I'm no longer a fetching shade of crimson when I get in, but I am usually rather damp, warm, smug and pink!

  • Well done on completing C25K. It looks like you are well on target to get that 5K, and I am sure it won;t be long before you have that down to 30 minutes.

    Don't hold back on the ParkRun though. It is a great experience, and there are loads of different runners of different abilities. I do the Milton Keynes one, and the difference between first and last in is at least 30 minutes (admittedly some are seriously quick). You are well on the pace for it, go and enjoy it now.

  • Thank you! You have really spurred my on! Will keep you posted.

  • well done on completion in such a lovely way, here's to many more runs to come:)

  • Thank you. Will keep on posting - especially as post graduation can be a bit of a limbo land... But to be honest I can't believe I have done it. Didn't think I could stick to the routine for 9 weeks. I only missed one planned run and was able to shift it to the next day. Usually I give up and find excuses. The programme is great as it is so doable and achievable and you do feel amazing at the end.

  • Well done ,it's so inspiring reading all these posts . Run 1 of wk 2 tomorrow , can't . Wait .

  • Congratulations - it's a shame your badge can't be pink :D Great blog, and I loved your list - very inspiring.

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