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Embarrassing moment

So off I went this evening WK 2 R2, listening to Laura all going well, I finished and I stretched and went to leave the park and I was locked in..... I couldn't climb over the fence in the end a friend came with a step ladder to help me out

I'm beyond mortified... I'm worried when everyone finds out this is going to knock me and make me not want to continue.....

People think me doing this is a joke anyway because I'm so unfit and this is going to make them unbearable,

Sad thing is, it was quite a good session

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I think that you are now the second one that this has happened to in the last couple of weeks. :)


The important thing Khilary is NOT what other people think. You are doing this for you. As you go on you will build your own mental strength and not care what other people think. You will find loads of examples on this site of people who have felt the same way, they persevered and you can as well. We are all supporting you. Tell us about the positive aspect do not dwell on the perceived 'embarrassing' moment.

If you are looking for inspiration read almost any post by JuicyJu!

Put on a big smile, keep running and remember why you started in the first place.



Don't you dare give up Sorry it's just not allowed Real friends should be supporting you not making fun of you but unfortunately non runners just don't always get it .You should be very proud because you have already taken the biggest step to getting fit by starting this programme . Sounds like your friends are maybe just wee bit jealous cos you trying to improve yourself Mmm just a thought It's unfortunate this happened to you early on in this programme cos you are still lacking confidence in what you are doing .it was still a good session just maybe not the ending you had planned! By the way someone else ( sorry can't remember who) recently posted about similar experience but if I remember correctly she and her dog had to crawl under the fence to get out the park, So it might be hard but you have to ignore these ' friends' and just focus on the next run . Remember all your new friends here want you to succeed so keep posting here for support Sending you a hug


Aww! Sending you a virtual hug - must have been scary. Lucky you had your phone to get help.

You will look back on this in a few day and laugh. Don't let it put you off -you're doing great!


Please don't be worried about what other people think. I'm sure that some of them are a little envious that you've actually decided to do something, and get off the sofa. Proper friends should be supporting you, not knocking your confidence or having a laugh at your expense. The most important thing to focus on is the feeling you get when you finish a run, not what other people will think of you. If they think badly of you, it says more about them than you, and as Ray said, you're doing this for yourself, not for anyone else.


It's not sad! You'll laugh about it tomorrow. It was me who got locked in the park last week but no-one rescued me and I had to squeeze under a gate to escape. I did a post about it on here as I thought I'd share the experience

I was relieved that because I have lost so much weight through running, healthy eating, and walking the dog, that I was able to squeeze under the gate. Had I not been a c25k graduate I would not have lost the weight and it would probably have been the fire brigade getting me out cos I would have been stuck!

So, don't get down about it. No one has to know if you don't tell em. Running is your affair, no-one elses's. So get back out there!

We'll be here when you get back.


At least you had your phone with you (unlike MissWobble, who I think must wobble rather less these days if she can crawl under park gates). I'd have been quite terrified at the time, then mortified at someone having to rescue me, and then hopefully after a couple of days I'd see the funny side of the situation.

Write a letter and complain to the council about inadequate notices and warnings about the park being shut.

Then head out a bit earlier next time or somewhere different and enjoy your run. All was going well on this one, which is a great sign. You should be proud of getting out there and doing something, and you'll really start to notice a difference in your fitness soon.

Please don't worry about what others think. What would your reaction be if it happened to someone you knew? I think you'd be the one to go and rescue them with a ladder and then you'd sit them down with a cup of tea and help them put it behind them. I think you'll find your friends are more sympathetic than you give them credit for - and if not (or even if they are), we're right behind you here, so do come back and tell us how you're getting on. Maybe you won't want to head back to that park any time soon, but it would be a great place to do your graduation run (W9R3) just to prove that NOTHING can stop you.


I remember now, I was in a town park once and heard a hand bell. Ir was the park warden warning everyone the gates were closing. Old technology but if worked. Perhaps you could suggest providing the warden with a handbell to earn others. One person's idea of 'dusk' May be different to another's.

And think how far you have got on - now able to clamber over fences. Running does more than makd you fit - it gives you confidence to 'have a go''.


We all have our embarrassing moments, and my fellow C25Kers are right when they say friends should be supporting you anyway. (It's also true that you'll look back on it and laugh about it at some point!)

Remember that you're doing this for you, not for your friends, and that you will get fitter and happier about what you can achieve as you move towards graduating.

Now just have your rest day and tomorrow you can pick up the running shoes, put them on and go out with Laura for Week 2 Run 3 x


thank you so much guys :-)

After reading through your replies I realised, that this is just a funny anecdote that I can look back on and smile, I decided I would be pro active and I told people the story and actually people haven't been mean at all (at least to my face). I was even told by someone that I'm looking leaner :-D (result)

So this afternoon I'm heading out in my next run, just to prove to myself (and maybe others) that this isn't going to stop me at all

Thankyou for the love and support again

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Well done you for getting out there again. I do think people might laugh when you tell them, but they won't be laughing at the fact that you're running and that's definitely a result for someone to say you look leaner.

Hope your next adventure isn't quite as mortifying.

Happy running :)


Laugh! What else can you do but laugh? These things happen and it could have been worse. These things happen; just ignore any mocking, treat it as an experience and a story to tell. :-)

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Brilliant - it sounds like your friends are more supportive than you thought! I'm glad you're feeling more positive - hope you enjoy your afternoon run.


Dear Khillary,

Please don’t let this get you down, it’s difficult to laugh things off when your confidence levels aren’t brilliant and a few years ago I would have found being locked in a park mortifying as well, but when you’re in a better place you’ll only be able to see it as a funny story and doing C25K will help you get there!

As well as feeling more healthy I genuinely think running in the evenings and having that space outside alone with your thoughts has done me wonders and I encourage you to stick to it because after a few weeks you really start to look forward to your runs because of the euphoria it gives you achieving things you thought were impossible.

I have always been terrible at running, when I managed to run for 3 minutes non-stop for the first time last week it was one of the most emotional moments I’ve experienced in a long time.

In the words of an overplayed pop song Khillary, don’t stop believing (in yourself) and don’t stop running!


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