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Week 7 run 1.. embarrassing poop story

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I can't believe I'm going to tell you this. I just finished week 7 run 1. 3.2K in 30 minutes. I was so proud of myself however at the last two minutes I all of a sudden had to defecate so badly I thought I would die. I had driven to a public park but there was no place to hide and loads of people!!!! I ended up in my car with a plastic bag under me.. what a nightmare!!!

I Googled this problem and it seems to be a thing called runners diarrhea and happens to a lot of people.. so everyone please poop before you go out on your run!!! Lol.. public service announcement. .

14 Replies
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thanks for sharing :D or not haha

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thanks for sharing :D or not haha

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Yes - it can be a problem and I am sure that you are not the only runner that has been caught "short" with it. It is a bit of a worry - and early precautions like you have suggested often do not work. I don't really know of the proper answer to this - especially if running an important race . I had trained for nearly 3 months for a 14 klm run and was really frightened that it might occur ( which thankfully it did not). You sound like you were basically on your own - I was in a race with 80,000 other runners!!!

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Yes, it is never a good thing if your gut outpaces you!

Hope you have recovered from your traumatic experience.

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Went for a run with my dad recently and had to try and wait nonchalantly while he pooed under a tree. You are not alone!

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Oh no! Like KittyKat I just wanted to sympathise and say congratulations for getting to week 7! It sounds like it hasn't put you off running though which is amazing - you really are a runner now :)

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Just wanted to let you know you're not alone. While it hasn't happened to me while running, I'm an IBS sufferer so I've got all kinds of stories. But don't let it put you off running or even races. When I did my 5 k race I contacted the organizer letting him know about my condition, just in case I couldn't finish and went home or did not finish due to issues like this. I didn't want them sending the troops out looking for me as if I had been injured. They were very accommodating and have me their cellphone information in case I needed to call and let them know they wouldn't be seeing me. It didn't end up being an issue, but it was nice to know I had that option. But hopefully it's just a one off for you.

No you are not alone. Sadly going before is not necessarily the answer. I use Imodium (given a massive stock pile by GP) but that's not fail safe. I'm waiting for a barrage. Of tests, they sound humiliating! I hope yours is a one off.

Keep running :0)

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I'm so glad to hear it's not just me! I've suffered with this from about week 7 and have had some nasty incidences.. :-(

I try to go at least twice before leaving for a run - sometimes I can sometimes I can't, sometimes it helps sometimes it doesn't. .

The thought of an ' official' run is a bit scary due the worry of this..Which might make it worse..

Well done on getting to week 7 - don't let the poopy thing put you off - running is great!

:-) xx

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My sis n law always has a coffee to get things moving before she goes out on a run apparently. Sounds like you are not alone with this & that it could happen to any one of us. I would do a bit of google research on any tips out there, like when & what to eat beforehand maybe..?

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I really sympathise, that sounds awful :( I've never been that bad but I know now not to go for a run unless I've been to the loo before I go out. Not to even start! On the few occasions where I've tried and thought I would be okay, I have had to stop and walk home, doubled over with cramp. It's not funny at all and I hope it never happens to you again. Keep running, though - you're doing brilliantly :)

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You are not alone. Going before does not help me and I too have been to the GP and been told it is just a weak muscle (probably from childbirth years ago, so happens horribly regularly. I have had suggestions from the GP of either trying to make it stop/go through medication and neither works for me. Don't give up, hopefully it may be a rare occurance for you.

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This has been a real problem for me. Had loads of tests and examinations, but it seems that it may have been my diet that has caused the problem - too much fruit and not enough insoluble fibre, like bread.

I found imodium did not always work. Consultant prescribed enemas to clear me out before running, this seems to be working well.

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Just wondering if a couple of level tbsp of ground flaxseed daily on your cereal might help? I use it along with a half tbsp of chia, too--and a half banana.... Try for a week and see if that helps?

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