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Week 1 Run 3 - take 2

So I repeated the run again today, after "failing" it on Saturday due to not finding my inhalor (which I found under the TV unit yesterday). I struggled a bit, but I done it.

I finally got to meet those gremlins I have seen some people mention on here... you know the ones... The ones that tell you to quit running and walk instead. Oh I wanted to so bad, but i carried on. I was just soo hot and feeling a bit sick. Well the feeling sick was partly from the heat (yeah I don't handle heat very well) and partly because I went out right after lunch. Was going to wait a bit but had a silly argument with the other half and needed some time alone and let off some steam.

Going to repeat week 1 a couple more times until I feel a bit more comfortable with it before moving onto week 2 :)

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Good for you. Well done, the heat is not kind to runners !


Well done. I find counting gets rid of the gremlins


RainbowPixie 1 - Gremlins 0

Well done!


Well done. Keep it up! !


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