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W4R1 complete

Never thought 4 weeks ago that I would ever be able to run for 5 minutes straight but in the heat of the early evening yesterday I managed it.

Every new week so far I have dreaded and felt like there is no way I will be able to make the step up but so far I have and am now starting to look forward to the next challenge with a little relish rather than a lot of dread.

I am sure that sooner or later I will fall short on one of the runs but for now at least I am enjoying the satisfaction of pushing myself further than I ever thought I could.

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Congratulations! I feel quite excited now that I am heading for the next level! I get that 'who'd of though I'd be doing ..... minutes running without stopping' smile across my face! :-)


Thanks, its taking a lot of teeth gritting and I ain't moving very quick yet but I am amazed I have not had to repeat a week yet.


Lots of determination at times! Some times I feel like I'm stuck to the spot while running - but I always have more than the 5 minutes to walk home so I must be moving at some point! ;-) I've not had to repeat any either. Got one week spear after I finish c25k before my Race for Life so I really want to get it in the bag! Lol!


Good luck with the race for life my wife is also doing that this year.

W4R2 tonight and I am quite looking forward to it and am starting to want to run on rest days, I am looking forward to the point of being able to run more often than 3 times a week


Good luck tonight! I think everyone wants to run on rest days but it is important that we shouldn't! Silly isn't it that we finally want to do some exercise but we are not allowed some days! Haha you'd think we'd appreciate the time off! :-) Hooked!


Hi kermit

You're not supposed to be going fast! Slow is fine and it's what laura tells you to do

Don't dread future weeks! Look forward to them and tick them off as you move through them. It's FUN


Hey! No need for dread. Just keep plugging away slowly and steadily and Laura will get you there. Enjoy the rest of the programme.


HI misswobble and Ullyrunner

Thanks for the replies. I use a different app that doesn't have Laura (I wasn't a fan of the music on the pod casts so use an app that tells me when to run/walk and my own playlist of rock and metal to inspire me to keep going).

I would never have expected to actually enjoy running but I really am. I am really looking forward to the moment I finish my first non-stop 5k now and am starting to run as a way to get better at running rather than running as a free exercise to lose weight.


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