This week I had a body crises. I have a week off work and we were going down to watch the D-Day celebrations on the sea front.

I thought I would wear a nice pair of jeans, rolled up with some flat pumps and a nice vest top. I took a pair from my wardrobe, a bit tight around the thighs and waist, picked out a pair I knew fit me, again too tight around the thigh and for some reason sitting lower than usual and again tight around the waist.

I cried, I cried a lot. I am now down to one pair of jeans from about 7 and not because I have managed to slim but because despite my best efforts, i am getting bigger.

I drank alcohol and ate cake like the world didn't matter last night.

Today I didn't want to run, after all what is the point? Why put myself through all of this if I am going to come out of it worse than when I started?

I would normally go out around 5.30-6.00 pm with my son and follow the programme around the local cemetery, instead I was out at my dads for dinner until around 9pm.

When I got home my son was asleep and I felt that I was wrong and I really needed to run. I had come this far, what had I got to lose, I was letting myself down.

I ran upstairs, donned my running attire and left the house, took a whole new track. Listened to music as I didn't have the company.

Dare I say? It was the best run I think I have had to date!!!!!!

My final run of week 4 was awesome, it was warm, getting dark and I really just thoroughly enjoyed it.

So ... Back of negative thoughts. I can do this, I will do this.


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  • Never mind letting you down, you'd be letting me down! Well done Flower for getting out there and doing it. You are now on W5, and to celebrate, we will have a nice swim and that teacake I promised you. In the meantime, stop eating the sugary stuff, and be very proud of yourself for not giving up.

    Have a great weekend, and see you Monday :) xxx

    PS, Great photos on FB, btw :) xx

  • Oh, and I forgot to tell you, that I put on weight at first and my thighs got a little bigger. This was weird as I felt slimmer and more toned. I am now seeing the weight come off slowly and steadily, but that didn't happen until later. My waist and arms feel trimmer, my legs are starting to get a nice shape and my wobbly bits are less wobbly. You will be fine. Rome wasn't built in a day and you will have days when you feel like this. I had one this morning! Stop the negative thoughts and do this for you. You are so worth it! :) xxx

  • I decided to run to Sophies from mine today, I was at fratton station by the middle of the first 5 mins section. so that means it took me a total of 6.5 mins walking and 5.5 mins running. to get from mine to that point. I had to run the long way round to ensure I managed the full programme. (It usually takes me 20+ mins walking to the station from mine). xx I shall most likely run to yours Monday :) xx

  • Okay, just let me know what your ETA is, and I'll get the kettle. No biscuits, mind :)

  • Aww thank you KK and T .. I'm not sure that its muscle toning, I am genuinely just getting rounder. I know it is almost totm but that shouldn't mean I have to move up a dress size :(

    The running is great, I surprise myself every run.

    Looking forward to our catch up Monday T and thanks for the picture compliments xx

  • Don't stress about it..do it because you enjoy it and you are getting healthier.You probably are toning up.It does n't happen overnight.I have started thinking..I am putting all this effort in why have the glass of wine/sugary food and cancelling it out the effort. Keep it going,it's worth it!!!!!

  • Thank you Pot58 I will keep building on the stamina.

  • Oh Unikorn, I am so proud of you. Well done for overcoming the negative thoughts, and I am so happy that W4r3 ended in such a positive way.

  • Thank you Marky. It really did enjoy it and I feel really good. I was just having a real woman moment. Despite falling out with my mirror and disposing of a large amount of my wardrobe, I have decided that maybe it will make room for something nice when I finally get where I want to be. x

  • Good for you Uni! Stay positive, get out there and nail these runs. If you keep running, steadily eating up the miles, slowly but surely as you run you will burn calories and lose weight. It happens quite quickly once you get into the routine of running 3 times a week

    I ran tonight as well, not setting off til after 9.00 pm and the streets were much quieter and cooler!

    Stay positive. Negative thoughts not allowed. You can crack the weight loss. We all can, as long as we don't talk ourselves out of it.

  • Thank you MissW .. I am definitely going to keep going. I do like evening running, and I really relaxed into it tonight, it was my first street run since week 1 all others have been around the cemetery.

  • I forgot to say. I put weight on at first as I think you over compensate. I mean you don't really need to stuff your face after only running 30 seconds do you! Well I did, so little wonder I put weight on. Told myself off and stopped doing post run snacks until I started doing longer runs and then only a nana or an energy bar.

    Running is a quick way of burning calories. I think you will be surprised at just how quick the weight will shift. Make sure to eat healthily mind though

  • I was given the bumph that comes with Slimming World, I am not keen on joining slimming clubs so am taking advice from both of my cousins who have lost wonderful amounts of weight via SW I am just going to try it and see how it goes.

  • I am a fan of slimming world because in my experience its actually easy to follow, family friendly and nothing is denied!. Well done on completing your run today despite feeling miserable. Good luck for the next one x

  • I know a lady who went from a size 18 to a size 10 by combining c25k and Slimmers World, and the weight seems to have stayed off. So why not give it a go? Good luck

  • Good morning fellow runner. I have been using the MyFitnessPal app for over 2 years now as it really helps me to control what fuel goes in & what gets used via an exercise log. It's been a massive help as it lets me eat what I fancy which means I don't feel badly done to. I'm struggling with 3 runs a week but I WILL do it this week. I got on the scales this morning & I've lost 3 lbs. Someone advised using weights this week so I've done 2 x 20 min sessions at the gym. Hope this helps. All the best!

  • I think SW or WW, any club in fact where you have to make eyeball contact with a Leader each week, is a good idea. The act of getting to the group, and the weigh-in etc is all good discipline. If you go it alone and don't have that face to face support I think folks tend to fall by the wayside much quicker. I go to class week in week out, and stay until the end. It's only up the road so no hardship, and I love it. It's also where I found out about

    C25k!!!! There is now a small group of runners there, some of whom are doing, or have done C25k, so we're spreading the word

  • That's the spirit! You got this! :)

  • I'm really uncomfortable with anything that talks about food as 'sins' - changing the spelling doesn't really disguise the attitude.

    You've obviously got the motivation there, you can do this.

  • Don't give up on it! There is nothing worse when you are putting loads of effort in with what seems like little reward. I felt the same week 4 - but I found posts on here where folk said it took a while to see weight loss (like not til graduation!!!) but shape change was seen much earlier. That seems to be happening for me. Let's hope we can keep going and see the rewards overall. Well done for getting out again.

  • Very well done, Unikorn. :-) Those negative thoughts can be overwhelming at times but the positive thoughts are the ones to pay attention to: you CAN do this! You're doing brilliantly, keep it up! :-)

  • Thank you M-Y, completed 5/1 today :) Feeling a lot more motivated now. Thank you x

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