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Braces Needed With These Running Leggings


Evening All,

After 3 rest days I decided to brave the Week 8 Run 1 tonight. I'd already taken the pup for a good walk so he could be left at home guilt free so I donned my new full leg length running leggings, long sleeved top and trusty trainers and off I went.

The Killers were keeping me at a nice pace but my damned leggings kept falling down which was very distracting.

Honestly I didn't know whether to laugh or cry; I left the house looking like a much curvier version of Olivia Newton John in those infamous black spray on leggings but half way round I resembled a teenage lad with his jeans hanging half way down his arse, showing off expensive underwear.

Anyway I managed to hang on to the waist band to protect my dignity and complete my full 28 minutes so I am very chuffed with myself tonight.

One step closer......

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I just wrote a post about this -- I took my pair up to the sewing machine and sewed a bunch of darts at the top. The long top covers the ridiculous look.

An alternative is to put in buttonholes by hand and thread a drawstring through the top.

I seriously don't know who they build these leggings for...

J9_54Graduate in reply to ejvcruns

My 3/4 length ones have a drawstring already inside the waist band which is brilliant. This was so annoying. They're really comfy, fit lovely when I'm just standing but descend at a rate of knots when I run. I will have to get some elastic and sew it in as I refuse to bin them after only one wear. Lesson learnt though :0)

ejvcrunsGraduate in reply to J9_54

Yes, powerful elastic on the inside edge is another strategy. Next time I will be jogging in place in the store... Or actually I'm going to make my own!

J9_54Graduate in reply to ejvcruns

Yes test drives all round I think. Just as well I had some Bridget Jones knickers on tonight lol

OMG Is this 'legging falling down week' if so a warning to all runners is needed. I saw a woman two days ago in our local coffee shop, who lets say had a wardrobe malfunction and we saw an awful lot more of her than she'd expected.

She was wearing leggings, but apparently no underwear....

Not a look I am copying anyday soon. I am going to start running with a roll of gaffer tape just in case...

J9_54Graduate in reply to Jancanrun

Oh my goodness, no undies, bet that chafes a tad lol

Jancanrun in reply to J9_54

I know who would do that or if she had undies they were very low slung.....


Well done on the run mate, sorry to hear about the leggings. 😊


Well done on the run..and on not baring all to the world :)

J9_54Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you, yes I wouldn't want to subject anyone to that view lol


Sympathy! Happened to me too this morning as well 😞 Well done for keeping going


Its an epidemic lol

Thanks I'm nothing if not determined x

Safety pin waistband to T shirt 😄

J9_54Graduate in reply to franjtom

May keep a couple on me as a backup in future; bring punk style back maybe?


This made me roar 😂x

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