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I phoned a local Chinese Acupuncturist this afternoon (used to go to her years ago), to ask if she thought acupuncture would help relieve pain from PF. The conversation went like this>

Me - Hello Ann its Elizabeth !>!> here its a long time since I've needed treatment from you but wonder if you can assist with the condition PF?

Ann - Ah herro Elivabef rong time I see you. yeh I can herp you but it wirr be painful.

Me - It already is painful, so I'm prepared to give it a try, can I have an appointment as soon as possible please?.

Ann - tomorrow you come at 4. Have you got bad cowd?

Me - No Ann I suffer from Sinusitis and hay fever and its quite bad today, I've just learnt to live with it.

Ann - OK I can fix that too, do same time as your foot for flee.

If nothing else my conversation with Ann cheered me up. Yikes what have I done!?! ;)

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Tee hee. That really made me titter!

I hope she'll be able to help you OG


Be interesting to know how this goes. I had acupuncture for migraine before & definitely lessoned the severity of the attacks at the time.

I just love how you've recounted that conversation :D

I really hope she sorts it out for you.I had acupuncture for a really painful ' frozen shoulder' a few years ago...the Chinese doctor was amazing...sorted it out ,though it took quite some time...and the accompanying massage treatment was pretty painful...I bruise easily and I had some colourful ones ..... but he was recommended to me by several people and I went on to recommend him to others ...he used to throw in treatment for an occasional bad back ' for flee' too :)


I also suffer from sinusitis so would be interested to hear if it helps. Would appreciate it if you cold let me know, please :)


You've got yourself a bargain! This did made me chuckle, and I'm sure Ann will tackle at least one of your ailments:)

Good ruck Erizabeth . I had acupuncture once for some ailment and whilst she was putting the needles in she asked if I suffered from insomnia. Yes I said and so she put some needles in for that . Do you think I could wake up the next morning ?!


Enjoy the torture chamber!


good luck - ok it might hurt, but as you say it hurts already

hope it goes well for you


Hahaha. Hope it goes well. And doesn't hurt too much. Watch out she does mean free and isn't actually trying to stick needles in little jumping biting creatures :)

Jaqs99Graduate in reply to Jaqs99

Not that I'm saying you have any on you... No no :)


HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Hilarious!! I remember sitting in a restaurant once when my steak was delivered by an extremely pretty CHinese waitress and she asked me -


"Yes please" I replied.

"Flench? Or Ingrish?"

:-) !!


I had acupuncture for neck pain. It was excellent, except for the time the needles got tangled in the warm towel put over me to relax under. Opposite effect that time.

Hope she sorts it all out for you! Got to get you up and about - pain flee!

Lovely post, thanks for the laughs!

Ooh sounds good, let us all know how you get on. I had forgotten about acupuncture so will be interested to know if it helps, particularly if my foot problem doesn't solve itself. Good luck!

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