Buy one, get one flee

Well today I went off and paid £40 for a session of torture!! Acupuncture for PF is not for the feint hearted or wimps!! I have great faith in this lady as an Acupuncturist as I've been to her on three different occasions over the last 15 years and always have been sorted after 3 sessions of my aches and pains. She knows me, she knows I can stand quite a high level of pain too. But crikey, holey moley she found areas the Physio never even touched that have serious inflammation. What surprised me was most of the inflammation is in the lower leg not my foot!!!

So I had 8 needles down my left inner leg and into the foot arch, the foot arch was the crikey nearly hit the roof.

Then relax for 30 minutes with dimmed lights and listen to Chinese music. Oh says Ann before dimming the lights you need sinus fix, I do that too. Buy one, get one flee she says with a big grin and sticks 4 needles in my forehead and one below each eye on top of cheek.

Did it help, crikey I haven't a clue, its too soon to tell. I do however have just under a week to build up the courage to go back for more torture. As for the flee session for sinuses well tonight I have no headache and I can breath through my nose, long may it last.


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12 Replies

  • Fair price to pay for a head to toe treatment and I really hope it does the trick. Interesting to know it's your leg rather than your foot!

  • No it is stemming from the Plantar which runs the whole length of your foot, but its attached to Achilles and other ligaments etc. because its been going on for about 3 months now the inflammation has spread. It will take a while to sort but rest is a must, no running or high impact exercises for me for a while. :(

  • ouch, arch of the foot, are u kidding me !!

  • Its apparently the most sensitive area to have needles put in, the skin is different I was told. I now know that's true!!! :(

  • Needles in forehead and under eye Ouch and double ouch but really interested to see how long it keeps sinuses clear. Hope it sorts out everything for you

  • This made me chuckle; so glad the pain was (I hope) worth it. Let us know how you get on, and I hope that you are running and not your nose :)

  • Haha I wish my nose would run, its been blocked up for ages, antibiotics x 2 haven't cleared it, sprays did not a scrap of good. I have my fingers crossed that acupuncture will solve it once and for all. I have to say I feel better tonight than I have for ages!!!

  • So bang goes that idea of having a line of poetry tattooed on the arch of my foot then...

  • Yikes that sent shivers through me thinking about it!!

  • Friday - Woke this morning without a sinus headache, its the first time in many weeks :)

    Foot is slightly less painful but still very early to comment on if its going to be successful or not. (think positively :) )

  • Ooh. Tentative good news. Keep smiling and thinking positively! Good luck.

  • Yep, thinking positive is a good plan. I hope you soon feel the effects of the treatment and that it will work for you. Resting for another long stretch was not what you wanted to hear but maybe with the acupuncture you'll be back out there much quicker. Fingers crossed again!

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