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Have been for my third session of acupuncture today and it really seems to be working. I've had one week of pain free too. Been wearing my sleeping splint in bed as well and although it took me a couple of nights to get used to it I'm finding that I don't get out of bed to be met by excruciating pain as soon as I place weight on my foot. So another bonus.

If you remember when I first posted about acupuncture I was told, 'buy one get one flee' and she would treat my sinuses at the same time. True to her word she has done this and today I'm able to breathe properly, I no longer have that terrible dull headache which I had been suffering from for about 5 weeks. I can also now smell food cooking and taste is better. So a great result there for sinus cure. :) I had two lots of antibiotics which did no good at all!!

I have to go back in two weeks for what will hopefully be the last session for PF, until then I can step up my walking distance, carry on swimming, cycling and rowing at the gym. I think I'm getting there albeit slowly :)

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Oh fab! PF is awful isn't it! Thankfully I have suffered since I lost all my weight! Reason enough to stay this side of the weight scale! Xx


Hey Oldgirl, thanks for the update! I was particularly interested in the sinus aspect, sounds like it's worked. I have been using a salt pipe for the last 4 days and both my sinus and chest / breathing feel much better, but will review things in a week or so and would definitely consider acupuncture after hearing your experience. Like you antibiotics did nothing - except cause an allergic reaction with the most impressive rash I have ever seen (and I used to be a nurse!). I really hope the next session sorts out the PF and you can get back to running, although you are doing so much other exercises you must be super fit by now.

OldgirlGraduate in reply to lizziebeth57

Keep in touch re your sinus lizziebeth I hope your salt pipe works though. Sadly although I'm still doing plenty of exercise its not the same cardio calories burning exercise that I need. I'm afraid the pounds are gaining in number. Having had to stop running, zumba, aerobics & badminton which were all good calorie burning exercises. My next session is two weeks and although I can step up my walking its not going to burn that much. Back to the salads for me I think :(

lizziebeth57Graduate in reply to Oldgirl

put on a few pounds myself in the 3 months without running. mostlythrough scoffing chocolate, scones, chips etc etc. Time tocalm it now i think.

Thanks for the update. I have sinus issues so wonder if this would help that and my headaches. I've had trigger point acupuncture for a shoulder issue and the results for that was amazing. I hope you can get back to running, but it sounds like you have a great range of activities you do


Really interesting post Oldgirl. Hope you end up completely pain free. The sinus effects are particularly interesting for me, given that I've been squirting steroids up me nose for years just to be able to breathe. My sense of Smell is just a distant memory!

OldgirlGraduate in reply to AncientMum

I hadn't given my lack of being able to smell much thought but I was making a curry for dinner one night and having tasted it added more curry paste!!! My poor hubby had tears in his eyes while I could hardly taste it. Its a common added complication to sinus problems. I could taste and smell the poached salmon tonight, it was lovely.


Really interested in sinus improvement Thanks for update


It's great that the acupuncture is working. I've heard that is effective from some other people as well. I hope you'll be pain free soon.


Your post sounds a bit more upbeat OG! I do hope the acupuncture gets to the nub of the problem. It must be so frustrating! Pleased to hear the the pain from the PF is easing up too. That must be a flippin relief!

OldgirlGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks MissW I really won't know until I start doing high impact exercise & running so for now its a frustrating waiting game. The annoying thing about PF is the pain is not constant so you think its better and go back to exercise only for it to flare all over again, often worse than before.

There's one thing for sure when I do get back out there it will have to be an absolute record for number of times C25K has been done by the same runner, it will b my 4th time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)


You need a medal for that record OG!!!

You have to hang in there though don't you as you know it will be worth it in the end and you'll come out stronger. I bet you're a bundle of pent up energy waiting to blast off when the times comes. I hope it will be soon. Then we can all eat your dust!

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