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Plantar Fasciitis - whether to run or not?

Anyone out there who's also suffered with this who can give me some advice on managing it?

I developed PF 6 weeks ago and since then, I've stretched, rollered, iced, rested with very little improvement. I started with physio last week, from which I've yet to see any benefit (early days, I know). When I asked the physio about my running, he was very non committal and just told me to restrict my mileage.

I have had the odd run over the last few weeks when my foot's been ok, and whilst it hasn't been painful to run on, I've always felt it the next day.

I am wondering whether packing in running altogether for the time being will progress the healing more quickly - I'd rather do that than keep playing at these half hearted runs. Or do I continue to run, keeping up the therapy, in the knowledge that my foot will heal in its own time, regardless?

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I understand what you are going through, but I'd stop running and give it time to heal, it's annoying especially when you notice a fall back in fitness but few weeks won't do much harm hopefully. I am in the same boat, knee injury, been off for a week and counting :(


I had Plantar Fasciitis and unfortuntely it took 6 months to clear. I used a boxing motion DVD so that you are burning fat, keeping fit e.t.c without the running action, as you bounce on the balls of your feet toes more, not putting pressure on the underneath part of your foot.


Both my Mother and my Father in Law suffer from this painful condition and both have recently started using Epsom Salt soaks and both of them have said it has noticeably helped/improved it.

I hope it improves soon for you.


In addition to the rollering, etc, you mention, the thing I found really helpful when I had PF was to wear supportive shoes (in my case, running shoes) as much as possible. Brought great relief.


I could feel your pain because I have gone through the same problem. For me, RICE, stretching exercises and P.F taping are the best treatments for people with Plantar Fasciitis. However, you need to be careful while stretching because too much stretching could aggravate the problem and undoubtedly wearing a comfortable shoes with good arch support and proper cushioning is extremely important for people with Plantar Fasciitis. Check this link for further info about Plantar Fasciitis : footsolutions.com/store/ale...

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