10km in under one hour!

Last month I entered a 10 km race. As I didn't train as much as I wanted my goal was 1h10 but 59m02s later I was crossing the finish line. Our team also managed to raise over £1500 for British Heart Foundation, so it was definitely worth the effort.

I believe is time to treat myself to a new pair of trainers, as the ones I currently have are crumbling on the inside. This probably shouldn't be happening...

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  • Awesome effort! Go out and spoil yourself silly! That's an amazing time and a super fundraising effort... New trainers seem like a good idea given the state your current ones - you'll probably go even faster next time!

    My goal is 10K in under an hour and I have a race booked at the end of July - I'm a mile (see what I did there) away from that time right now but working hard to get there! ...

    Well done again! Happy running!

  • You have got to be pleased with that! As good as 11 minutes better than you expected.

    Great result with the fund raising, for a worthy cause. Good on you.

    Now, go and get yourself some running shoes those old ones sound like they are up for retirement.

  • Wow! Any tips on your training and getting there will be appreciated by all of us. Well done and hope your new trainers serve you well! :)

  • Wow, that is wonderful! Congratulations!!

  • Brilliant time! I'm very envious! I'm struggling through B210K and would love to be running something comparable in the not so distant future :)

  • After C25K I didn't use a particular programme to increase the distance and did a mix of with and without music runs. I guess the nice weather and canal path helped on enjoying the runs.

    What is definitelly keeping me going is that a friend decided to join my 6.30AM jogs, so even though I had to slow down a bit it has keeping me running regularly, even if we only do 5 or 6 km.

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