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Week 6 Run 3: done, but wiped out for rest of day!

This is kind of a follow on from my 'hormones' post, as I ran this under the influence of dreaded female hormones, that make you feel slow and like you weigh a ton (when under normal circumstances I feel fine).

I ran the third run of the wk 6 series with my hubby yesterday. I had breakfast first (left it a while before running) and couldn't feel motivated to leave the house until 11.30am. I think i set off a little too fast (for me) and found myself seriously struggling: my heart felt quite heavy in my chest (not felt that before), and I felt tired and breathless - this was before we'd reached the 5 min mark! But we slowed down and I REALLY pushed myself to finish and succeeded :D Very achy calves, but we did lots of deep stretching before we hopped in the car home.

This was the hardest physical and mental challenge I think I've faced. I spent the rest of the day feeling wiped out though (hubby felt great!). Today is a recovery day. Hopefully by tomorrow the hormone surge will have passed and I can have a normal run... fingers crossed...

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Well done for sticking with it, I think a lot of us have felt quite heavy and slow by about week 6 I know for me I found the step up to running without any walk breaks on every run made me really tired, so hang in there and enjoy your next hormone friendly run :)


I'm just about to attempt this run tomorrow - well done for completing it - it certainly is a daunting one! :)


Well done on finishing week 6, I finished it this morning too! Know what you mean about hormones....really sick of being a slave to them! I think it makes us female runners that bit mentally stronger because we have to battle through them.

Here's to a successful week 7 for is both



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