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If you read my most recent post, you'd have seen that I didn't enjoy run 2 of week 5. If was by far, the worst run I'd ever had. However, run 3 of week 5 has been my favourite of them all.

I ran 20 straight minutes for the first time in my entire life. I now feel like I can class myself as an official runner. ME! A RUNNER!

Im over the moon, sweaty but not at all tired out. I feel amazing! A brilliant start to the final Friday before Christmas.

That 5k will be mine this coming January!

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Well done, I knew you could do it!! When are you starting w6?

Thanks! Very proud of us right now haha. Sunday will be my next run! I plan to try and finish week 6 and 7 by new year. When's your next run?

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Shelley2310Graduate in reply to BethanDavies

My aim was to start w6 on Christmas Day, but I know I’m going miss running!! Didn’t think ever in my life I’d say that 🤣🤣. So not sure whether to do this run again or start w6 on Sunday!

I plan to do run 2, week 6 on Christmas day before my boyfriend wakes up and to get it out of the way 😂

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Well done and good to know you picked yourself up metaphorically and aced run 3. I’m hot on your heels just having a glass of water after doing run1. Actually starting to enjoy the pace of running and really surprised I am managing to keep my breathing under control, onwards and upwards!

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BethanDavies in reply to Setters

I think these runs really test our strength, stamina and percervance. It's amazing how much it helps by sticking to the plan!

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SettersGraduate in reply to BethanDavies

Absolutely when I start to question if I can do this I repeat my new favourite mantra.......... Trust the plan, not if but when,you will , ........... focussing my innner Yoda 😀

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BethanDavies in reply to Setters

I just repeatedly think of how much I love running 😂😂

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I really liked wk5r3 also really made me feel like a runner as you said because there are no walking breaks good luck for wk6😊😊

Woooooo hoooooo!!!! Huge congratulations!! 🎉🤸‍♀️🎖🎉🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Well done you! How are you finding it? I’ve struggled after graduation so it’s great to see people’s positivity!!

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BethanDavies in reply to

I'm loving it! I never thought I'd say that but I genuinely love it

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Great run. I was the same, that 20 was easier than the 8s... enjoy week 6, keep the pace down in those intervals and then you got this. I look forward to celebrating your first 5k pretty soon.

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