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June has GOT to be better than May! Or else!!!

So glad that May is over. I've had a nasty cold since last Sunday and I haven't run since Saturday 24th! It was my 31st birthday on Tuesday (27th) and I had to work too - boo! So I was in work on my birthday and feeling like absolute crap. I drove to work every day as I felt really awful and I've eaten so much rubbish - the scales have gone up 3 lbs :(

But after reading a lovely story in one of my magazines about a lady who lost a lot of weight but then toned up using kettlebells, I thought I'd give them a go too. Yesterday I bought a set of 3 'bells and have just ordered a beginners DVD. I'm aiming to run tomorrow morning for the first time in what seems like FOREVER (aiming for a gentle 15 minutes), then do a mini kettlebells workout on Tuesday (using the wall chart until my DVD comes).

So fingers crossed I won't be crippled again (April) or unwell (May) and can get this fitness / fat loss plan up and running!

(please, please, please)

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Oh you poor thing...June is going to be good :)

And kettlebells...WTF are they????

Sounds good though..... :)


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