Chickened out on the 3rd run!

I have been slacking on the running, as we went to Las Vegas for my birthday, then I've been working long days since we got back. Yada yada yada, excuses! ...did Week 5, Day 2 for the second time the other day and today I went out and opened the app and looked at Day 3, saw that 20 minute run, and chickened out. Did Day 2 again...Sigh...maybe I can do Day 3 on Tuesday.

I need courage!

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  • I did it yesterday, not nearly as scary as we build it up to be! First thing laura says is that it's a mental hurdle and physically you can do it. X

  • I agree it's a mental hurdle If you have followed Laura up to now trust her and just go for it My advice is to think of it in little chunks -- so ok ill try 5 mins and them another 5 .... And just wee push at end and wow you did it . just go slowly and I think you will surprise yourself Remember how you felt at wk 1 ? You CAN do this good luck

  • I think everyone feels like that about that run! Try not to think too much about it, just go out there and do it. The programme is set up in a way that prepares you to do that run at this stage - believe that and you're more than half way there!

  • Juicybath just pick up your feet and run. It's that simple. Go go go go go go go, one two three four, one two three four Run to the beat, you can do it

    Think of all us lot, right there with you. Horrifying isn't it! LOL

  • Have a go you might surprise yourself. Take it steady go slow to start off with if you feel,like its too much just slow down even more. Remember its about keeping going for 20 min not how fast you can run, good luck

  • Thank you all! I will give it a go tomorrow and let you know how I get on. I can do this!

  • Hi Juicybath. I'm planning on doing R2 in W5 on Wednesday! Keep us posted on how you get on. There are more of us out here than you realise and we're all with you on those runs. Believe me, if I can do this so can you!

  • I freakin' DID IT!!

    Wow, it wasn't as hard as I expected either:-) It's -2 C here today, so I went to the gym and ran it on the treadmill at 1.0% grade and 4.8 mph (not sure why the treadmill measures in mph rather than kmph)

    Edited to add: I took another poster's advice, and took it in 5 minute chunks. Lots of self-talk...just another 5 minutes, now another 5....almost there. Thanks, that helped so much!

    So excited! I'm doing a happy dance (while I drink my green juice:-) I have never run longer than an 8 minute stretch in my life. I am in shock. In a good way.

  • that's brilliant news! well done you! I had a real issue with that run too, and whilst mine was incident ladden (my bloody husband kept trying to call me, despite knowing I was out on THE run!), I kind of did it in a fashion (5 minutes running, a v brief walk with a good ol' talking to myself, then a further 18 running...3 extra minutes as punishment for the 30 seconds of walking! lol). Its such an achievement and feels like a real corner has been turned doesn't it? So, so pleased for you! Your next target is week 6. Feels a bit odd doing shorter runs this week to start off with, but don't let it catch you out, by trying to go too was a good tip from someone on here, and they were right! Run 3 is for 25mins, after which Laura calls you a runner!!!! I did it Sunday and am still smiling! Onwards and upwards Juicybath! And well done again...

  • I laughed at your comment about your husband calling and your 3 extra minutes as punishment- I do that kind of thing too :-) Yeay you!!

    No worries about me going too fast, I'm going as slow as I can without it being called walking! Oh no-- only 2 more runs before I have to do 25 minutes??!

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