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W8R3 done!

After 3 days of inactivity caused by some sort of bug that is going around here, I woke up feeling a bit better, even if with a slight headache and a bit of a nausea... The intention was there... I put on my running gear, fed the chickens, had a coffee, discovered the ipod battery was dead, lost all motivation to get this run done, spent some time online while recharging, chased a chicken that was laying in the grass, managed to find the dog but still could not find any motivation... Forced myself out of the garden - the real reason being that the dog needs a walk or the chickens will be dead by the end of the day ;)

And then... my running road starts about 1 km after I leave the house (steep downhill 10 min walk) -I put on my headphones, pressed play and even before the 5 minutes warm up were up I started on a slow run - which ended 31 minutes later, just before the steep uphill km back to the house started!!! I am really surprised I managed and so and happy I did it: - Headache and nausea gone, and most important week 8 done and with overtime.

I don't think I could have got to this stage without this incredibly supportive community!

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Some days our runs just don't have the best of starts when things get in the way but once you do finally get out there its such a relief isn't it. Time out to run is just great isn't it


Mine was reverse today, a brilliant run 2 days ago, same run today, technical hitchups like you, wasnt sure I wanted to go but went, hard work ! after 20 minutes I felt as if Id got into my stride but then my stride abandoned me. But I completed the 25 minutes asked of me, no music, nothing, as I couldnt get it to work, but so glad its out the way. Better day tomorrow. Glad yours went well though and I agree with the amazing support on here


yes, some days seem easy but some others are so hard... even if I say week 8 I've been following the program for about 15 weeks if not more! Good luck for your next run, it will be better!


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