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Wk9r3 -done

yes yes yes yes!!!! done & done. OMG what a rush. So Laure abandoned me with 10 minutes to go so I just kept going! ended up running 38 minutes @ 4.1/3 kph completed 3.38 km. I ended up doing the White House run as it elevates to 49%.

I CANNOT believe me, I have done this.

Thank you thank you to all my peers also who gave me encouragement, motivation & support to get through this and to all the well wishers - you make this an awesome community!

I am actually quite emotional this has been an incredible journey and i feel like I can do anything.

Next up 5K+ then I downloaded 5k intermediate from the iFit.

thank you from the bottom of my heart



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Aaaawww, I feel quite emotional for you.....well done....I can feel how pleased and chuffed you are. It is such an amazing journey and we all now how you feel .....this forum is certainly something special and you have done so well.

Happy running and don't forget to apply for your graduation badge.


thanks Amber. I just sent off my email - fingers crossed. Ant hank you so much


Yay, well done you :) Congratulations ;) It's obvious this means so much to you and it's a massive achievement you've accomplished so it's no wonder it means so much. Well done, graduate ;)


Thanks Paul - tee hee I am a Graduate! yes its means so much. Being asthmatic teachers didn't really encourage you to push yourself. I did lots of sport but hated running cos it was so painful. So being 46,overweight, having given up smoking, got made redundant, found a new job and completed this all in 2 years - it means i am in charge of me and my life. Feels fantastic.

And you all helped me do this

Support is so important - thank you


Congratulations! Feels amazing doesn't it! You should be proud.


thank you so very much


Congratulations! It's amazing isn't it?


Congratulations! Running for 38 minutes is great! Good luck with your future running plans :)


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