Couch to 5K

Wonderful first graduation run!

It was tipping it down with rain, I didn't think I'd bother but something compelled me to get out there and do it. I had no particular aim in mind but I knew I wanted to run for 30 minutes because when I did C25K before I totally lost interest when I'd completed it and I think it took me a month before I was able to run 30 minutes again.

I had my own music and just went for it on my usual 5k circuit. I completed the whole circuit, running continuously for the first time. Then, as I was still feeling good, I added an extra lap of the block - total 5.2K in 42 minutes (37 minutes of which was running).

I'm delighted I've discovered I've got the stamina to run for so long but a little disheartened that I was actually faster when I was walking!

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How can you be disheartened? The time is irrelevant - you ran non-stop for 37 minutes, you covered 5.2K. That is a huge achievement - be proud, shout it from the rooftops!!

The more you run, the faster you will get. You're still building strength and stamina. Why not try the Stepping Stones or Speed and Stamina podcasts to give you a little extra motivation or just plan a few strategies of your own. Do some fartleks or run/walk intervals. They'll all help with increasing speed and distance.

Just keep at it! And Well Done!


You're doing brilliantly - definitely no room for feeling disheartened.


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