First run after completing Week 9

First run after completing week 9 so thought I'd try the stepping stones podcast. Bit of a disaster. I couldn't keep up and only managed 20 minutes running. Feel like a bit of a failure after the amazement of running 3 times for 30 minutes last week. On the plus side I kept up a brisk walk for the rest of the time and completed 5k in 42 minutes. I don't think I will ever be able to run 5k in 30 minutes but would like to be able to run 5k.


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  • Stepping stones are hard! 20 minutes is a major success!!! They are meant to be a challenge. If you finished it first try I'd be surprised. Think of them as something to work towards. I haven't been able to complete the stamina one in quite some time, it makes for a nice goal. Just throw them into your running routine every once in awhile and you'll get better.

  • Oh don't worry, Stepping Stones is a horrible podcast (in my opinion). Stamina and Speed are both much nicer. Stamina is quite tough, so perhaps not one to tackle until you've consolidated your 3 lots of 30minutes running a week, but Speed is short and very enjoyable.

    Don't worry about the 5k in 30minutes either, I'm still dreaming of that day, and so are lots and lots of us :)

  • Thank you both! Trying to run before I, run!

  • Why do you have to rush into running 5k!? A lot seem to think they can go straight to this distance! For now just consolidate 30 min runs, Oh, and forget about stepping stones. It will come, just takes more time. Think of where you were 9 weeks ago, for now just be thankful of where you have got to, and rest on your laurels for a little while..😊

  • I guess I thought stepping stones was the next step from C25K. Not rushing to run 5k, but want to do it one day. You're right, I struggled to run for 1 minute at the start and now know I can run for 30 minutes, so will just keep on trying to do that for the next few weeks (or months!) Thanks

  • davelinks - brilliant, straightforward, to the point advice! On graduating I managed 3k in 30 mins, 3 weeks on I can manage 3.5k ( at a push!). I will increase my distance very slowly, but also remember that I am moving instead of couch sitting and so is everyone on this forum -well done us πŸ˜‡

  • Yes?! Of course your moving, and well done, but, how pompous that last bit sounds! although most are not concerned with going any further just after graduation, but just happy to be able to run for 30 mins!

  • davelinks I mean I always remember I am moving, not that you should remember that I am moving! Sorry if it sounds pompous- that certainly was not my intention πŸ˜”

  • I couldn't finish either of those podcasts for ages, but you will if you keep trying them. Think of the sense of achievement you'll feel then. They really are useful, so just keep having another go every couple of weeks, you'll crack it. Likewise 5K, loads of us don't manage it for a while after graduation, my first 5K took 48 mins, running all the way, so you're doing fine at 42. Just keep plodding away...

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