5 k - 2nd place in my age group!! :)

5 k -  2nd place in my age group!! :)

I just posted something I thought I had already put on here from when I was on vacation in April in the Carribean . When we got home I got a respiratory infection for two weeks so didn't run for over 3 weeks. I am still trying to get my stamina built back up.

Yesterday we ran a 5k for prostate cancer and I got 2nd place for my age group(60-64)! Now don't start cheering too loudly- there were only 5 people in that group and my time was 36:59. I am motivated to get faster!! Later this week I am running in a

Chase Corporate Challenge where there will be 10900 runners and walkers with about 500 local businesses represented. It is 3.5 miles and will be fun, but I guess it won't be a time to better my pace!

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  • Congratulations & you don't look anyway near your age . Enjoy your next race this week

  • Thanks Rockette! How are you doing??

  • I'm fine thanks matiko , just hope I stay injury free lol

  • Good for you! It must feel quite difficult to get back into running after a respiratory infection, but you have done really well - go you!!

  • Thanks!

  • Fantastic :) looks like a nice day, too ;)

  • Thanks! It was hot- I am used to running in the cold winter temperatures!

  • Ha!! That's nothing! I ALWAYS come first in my age group at my local Parkrun!! :)

  • Wow! Looking good xxx

  • Wow I see that you just did 10 k! Amazing! So sorry about your dad- and why are you doing the run in NY? I live in New York State (upstate - not the city).

    Good luck to you!