lost feeling in my legs on friday, did parkrun take place?

Hi everyone,

I will start by letting you know what happened on friday, I was on the bus and was about to get up off the seat and get off the bus, well I couldn't feel my legs, they wouldn't move nothing, in that moment where my legs wasn't able to move, all the memories came flooding back from when I was told my legs would stop working, in that moment I got scared, never been that scared before in my life, I thought that this was it, I'm never walking ever again, I'm going to be transferred to an ambulance and to go get tests, then get discharged and be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life,

I pulled myself up to standing, not sure what happened but my legs started working again, I could feel them again, I was so releaved, I didn't cry because was slightly in shock as to what happened, I got off the bus and was so thankful for still being able to walk, be thankful for everything you have in your life, tell people that you love them, enjoy the things you do and don't do things that people tell you that you should do if you don't enjoy doing that, just enjoy life whilst you can, things can change in an instant,

After what happened friday with my legs I decided to run parkrun for everyone that can't run or even walk, so I did just that, I'm not the quickest and still have to use my inhaler, have been given another inhaler to try and help my tightness of my chest, go back in just less than 4 weeks time to see the nurse again for a review,

So I did the usual go to bed, panic myself to the point where I wake up at around 4:45 on saturday morning, shower, change, eat, double, triple check I have everything and check for the 10th time since the night before I have my barcode in my bag, as it may just randomly walk out of my bag because well you never know lol,

I set off and get to the gates for parkrun at 8am, I have a laugh and chat with other volunteers whilst we waited for the run director with the keys, we must have had around 15 volunteers/runners turn up at around 8 to help set up, so it was all set up in a blink of an eye, I did the usual wobbled around the track, this week I had a helper who put out half the cones and I even got to show her how to put the cones out directing people off the track and the starting cones as we had plenty of volunteers so I had plenty of time, it was good fun and we had a good laugh,

I remembered that Bill had gone on holiday this weekend, Julie wasn't coming as she comes every other week, so came last week so will be back at parkrun next week, I chat to volunteers then go grab my barcode, phone, inhaler, got ready for the run, listened to the run briefing, then we went to the start, I tried to hear the run director saying 3,2,1 but couldn't quite hear as people was talking around me which I honestly don't mind, it's just slightly annoying the fact I can't hear properly more annoyed at myself than the people chatting around me as parkrun is half fitness and half social side,

I set off quite quick tried to keep up with the 2 run director's who was able to run as we had a couple of run director's so allowed those 2 to run, one had a pushchair so I thought oh they won't run that fast, I was wrong but it shows how much I have improved as I managed to keep them in eye sight for around a kilometre and a half, so was pretty pleased with myself, as when I first started out at parkrun that would have lasted around half the track if that, also this time at parkrun I managed to run up the hill and get on to the flat before the fast runners lapped me, in the past it was usually just after running down the first hill so around a full kilometre after that point where I got lapped so around almost 2km,

Anyway I didn't manage to write a post about last week, I went and got a new PB last week, shared the PB with someone else that went past the finish line with me with a time of 33:06, I was shocked I got a new PB by the same time as I beat the PB before then which was 43 seconds yep almost 3/4 of a minute quicker than the week before, so yesterday I was running just for fun, for everyone who can't run or even walk, especially after my scare every step I took I cherished twice as much at parkrun yesterday, so I was extremely shocked, pleased, proud and happy that I managed to get a 3rd PB out of the last 3 parkruns and managed to get my time just under 33 minutes which is a full 10minutes (well slightly more than 10minutes) quicker than my very first parkrun with a time of 32:58, I always thought that my times wouldn't improve but it just goes to show once you get past the physical and psychological sides of running, it is so much easier, well a bit easier than it used to be,

I believe that the inhaler I have been using is helping my breathing, my legs are feeling so much better these days with hardly any pain since using the heel raiser as one leg is longer than the other so has sent my whole spine, hips, shoulders and legs out of position (hope that makes sense) always struggled breathing since being really little, never been able to keep up with friends when running, the nurse thinks it's partly down to the fact that my mum has never stopped smoking around me even when she was pregnant with me, and even when I was a baby, and at the most she was probably smoking anywhere between 200-300 a week as far as I counted it might have been more as I wasn't always in the house obviously when I was younger when I was in school,

So I apologise for no run report from last week, hope this makes up for the lack of report, hope you are all well and hope you all enjoy your life, go after your dreams whilst you can, do things you enjoy because things can change in an instant,

Take care,

Siobhan xx

P.S. I've had one tooth removed, it's too dangerous for the dentist to put me under general as I have a heart issue and am on heart medications so it was better and easier that they just used a local to take the tooth in front of the wisdom tooth out to help, so haven't been that well, this week has been my first full week back training for the bury10k so am due to go out for a 9k run today, just taking it nice and slow :) I'm just so happy to be able to run still :)


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13 Replies

  • That must have been very scary Siobhan. Well done for facing it head on - and then getting a PB. Hope the tooth is not too sore.

  • A lovely post, Siobhan. I really like the idea of running for people who can't. I don't have your health problems but there was a time, following a car crash, when we weren't sure that I'd walk properly so being able to run non stop for 30 mins is such a gift (and, yes, we've put the hard yards in - you and I and everyone else, but still) and I can understand how scared you must have felt in those moments. Glad it didn't turn out to be an issue. Keep on running xx

  • Yay Siobhan , another PB !!!! Youre knocking them out left, right and centre !

    A Massive Well done to you , you've put the hard work in and now you are reaping the benefits and it is so well deserved !

    Have a great week and take it easy if you've not been feeling too good. Hope you feel better soon , take care xxx

  • How scary Siobhann. So glad it turned out ok. Love what you wrote about being thankful for what we have. Always need to be reminded to do that. Also what you wrote about doing whatyou enjoy not what other people think you should do. You are so right.

  • I wonder what the numbness was all about ? You might mention it to your GP if it returns

    Good that you were able to do Parkrun Siobhan PB too! 😊 Congratulations!

    You'd be proud of me a Siobhan. I signed up for Parkrun and have run once. The second week I volunteered ☺ I really enjoyed it ☺You inspired me. Thank you

  • Hi Misswobble,

    Sorry this is a little bit late, I'd just like to say I am so proud of you for getting out there and not only going to your very first parkrun but also the fact that you volunteered the week after, you should be proud of yourself as well :) keep up the great work, and look forward to reading about your parkrun journey as much as I enjoy writing about mine :)

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • Hi Siobhan - you are a star.....10 minutes off your first parkrun time is amazing!

    As misswobble says - do get that numbness checked out with the GP though eh? x

  • Lovely post and good to remember all those who are not able to run. Well done with your parkrun time. That's quite a lot to knock off the time! Sorry to hear your problem on the bus. I think you should seek some medical advice. You handled it well - I tho I I would have been much more panicky. ☺

  • You are so right about being thankful, and I love the fact that you ran for all those who can't. How scary about your legs though - it might be worth mentioning it to your GP next time. What with that and your tooth you've had quite a week.

    Fantastic about your PB, though - knocking 10 minutes off your first Parkrun time is amazing! You are a star, Siobhan - keep going :)

  • Very inspiring!

  • How scary that must have been for yoU Siobhan - so glad it resolved itself. And you went on to get another PB!

    Well done.

  • I love reading your posts and am so pleased your running improves and improves. But do mention your lack of sensation incident to your medical team, please.

  • Thank you everyone i have read all your replies, im currently under the neurologist due to stroke like symptoms, so once i managed to find a letter with the neurologists Secretary i rang the department up and spoke to them about what happened last friday, they have made a note and will pass it on to the neurologist, so will wait to see if i get another appointment to see the dr, luckily the paralysis hasnt happened again since it happened last week,

    Just having to take each day as it comes more and more these days than i have in the past,

    Take care,

    siobhan xx

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