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Tired legs are tired. Enforced day off


Hmmm, should be doing W6R3 today. Had planned to do it first thing this morning but my wife was late back form her nightshift so missed my morning time slot. I could do it later this afternoon immediately before brutal spin class but not sure that is such a good idea, so going to postpone to till tomorrow.

The last few days I have really been suffering from tired legs. Not achey or stiff, just tired. Normally on my runs it is my lungs that I battle against to finish, but on R" it felt like my legs were made of lead. I did my off day gym session of an hour on the elliptical, bike and rowing machine last night and was massively off my usual pace. I was really struggling to achieve 70% of what I normally do. Again it wasn't cardio stamina, it was just my legs weren't pushing like they normally do.

I can't make my mind up whether this is down to overtraining/inadequate recovery time or insufficient carbs in my diet. I have been eating mainly raw veg and fruit and clean protein (steamed fish, eggs, seeds and nuts) for a few weeks.

Wondering if a proper day off and a big bowl of pasta would restore me, or if that is just wishful thinking. lol.

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Take a proper day off and try again tomorrow. Eat well and hydrate... Listen to your body. One extra rest day might be just what you need to get back on track... :)

Good luck!


I think you need a couple of rest days! You could be burning yourself out! You do need rest days where a gentle walk is ok but strenuous activity is a no no and constantly putting your body under stress can lead to injury or even illness.


Certainly a day off may be beneficial!


I echo the above responses - a proper day off (or even two) might be beneficial at this stage. It does sound as though you are over-training to some extent and taking things a bit easier on that front might pay dividends as well. Good luck with your final run (after you are sufficiently rested) and best wishes.


Oh they do talk sense the graduates on here! Couldn't agree more with them. Have at least one extra rest day and take on board some more carbohydrates. To exercise as hard as you're doing at the moment, you need fuel. There was a really interesting post yesterday (I think) from one of the admin team about the dangers of not eating enough whilst exercising- proper biochemistry stuff, not just anecdotal. Real food for thought ( if you'll forgive the pun)

I would have some rest. I pushed too hard and had to miss over a week between runs 1 and 2 of week 9. Had a few days rest and then a really good run yesterday, felt back to normal!

I also think if you've changed your diet significantly your body will be adjusting so a 'cheat meal' may actually be helpful

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