Aching legs... new shoe problem???

OK peeps... I need your wisdom and advice with a little problem... :-)

Over the last few weeks I have suffered from aching legs whilst running... no particular part of my legs, so pretty much from my hips down! These aches have meant that I have had to have more little walking breaks than normal and really struggle to go on beyond 5k. After I have finished my run, my legs feel as they normally do and I have no on-going pain at all. Nothing else has changed in my diet or running distances or times that I go out which is still every other day.

So... the only thing that has changed in the last few weeks is that I bought an expensive pair of Asics (with GA) so could this be the problem???? Of course, the first thing that I am going to try is putting on my old shoes again to see if this is the cause.

Hints, advice and comments welcome. :-)


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25 Replies

  • I some how doubt it Andy that its the shoes. Can we take a reality check, how old are you, when was the last time you took regular exercise, have you done anything before trying couch to 5k? All these things matter, because if you suddenly jumped up one morning and thought, eh, I'm going running, then the fact would be, you are simply not used to it. Why don't you try a long hike over moorland and see if you ache then, if not, mix things up, done some good walks and then a run, its a question of getting yourself used to moving. PS, I'm not a doctor, its just my take on things.

  • Andy is a graduate Mr bolt, and has not suddenly increased or changed his running regime, diet etc. so I would disagree with you and suggest that it may well be the new shoes. I recently bought some new road shoes, which I have only used for 3 x 10k+ runs, while I have used my trail shoes for other runs. I experienced achey ankles, because of the change of support in the shoes and it was only on the last of these three runs that the aching eased. I always overlap new shoes with old ones to break them, and my feet, in over a period of time.

  • I apologize Ian, I wasn't aware he was a graduate, in which case, it may well be his shoes. Odd though this may sound, I have 5 pairs and rotate them regular, I never really get used to the same pair lol. I believe it is not recommended to wear the same pair all the time.

  • Thanks... I have been comparing my old and new shoes and they do have slightly different support.. I think the first twinge I had was on the top of my foot close to my ankle so you may be onto something... so cheers for that :-) Good idea to perhaps break new shoes in over time and not just jump into new ones as I did.

  • I recently got new shoes and they are the newer version of my old faithfuls but feel so different purely because they are new I reckon. Lots more cushioning whereas my old ones are worn down I'm just wearing them on short runs at the moment and not every day otherwise I think they would be a tad uncomfortable. x :-)

  • Mmmmm. Me thinks it might be the expensive kit. I seem to think that there is a law that covers this. I guess you will soon know the answer soon enough if you have a run in the old trainers .

    maybe the Santa suit might help too . Nothing gets forgotten on here. !!!!

  • Oh dear.... some people have better memories than I do!!

  • Ha ha Andy ! The Santa Run- how could we ever forget ? :-D xxx

  • Poppy... I'm down to wearing it twice a week now... the support group has been excellent... "Hi... I'm Andy and I'm a Santa"

  • Ha ha ! Only another 200 and odd days to go till Christmas Andy :-)

    Oh I do hope you get sorted out with your legs/shoes. These niggly little niggles are sent to try us , arent they ? xxx

  • Unfortunately I think it may be the shoes. You could go back and try GA again or swap the shoes?

  • It will be interesting to try my old shoes out again... not sure whether I could take them back after running in them for a few weeks... but worth a try if that's the problem.

  • Thanks Kitty... I hope it gets sorted soon as I feel I'm going backwards, even without todays wind!

  • I got so excited with new shoes at graduation and ended up on the IC for four weeks ! I learnt that new shoes should be worn in gradually and not with a switch from one pair to another in one go.....Hope you can sort it out.

  • I recently changed shoes from one Asics model to another following GA performed by a physio.

    The only significant difference between the shoes is a reduction of the 'drop' from 11mm to 8mm.

    Even such a small apparent change has made a big, positive, difference for me so I would concur that your new shoes are the most likely culprit.

  • Thanks for that, now I'm really looking forward to taking my old shoes out for a spin :-)

  • I had the same issues with new shoes back in September. Take them back before you hurt yourself. The store I went to was very accommodating even though I had worn them outside. When I described my pain to the store they said it was certainly impact related. A different model of shoe, same brand fixed the problem right away.

  • Andy

    I don't think that anybody here ( including me) can really say what is going on with you!! :)

    I did a 10 K "race" about 10 days ago - and felt brilliant at the end of it. Then for the next 7 days, I painted my son's house and took a break from running during that time. Over the past 3 days, I have slowly got back into it - doing 5 k very easy, very slow runs - using shoes that I mostly run in - and I have found myself being also a bit "achey" -- knees protesting just a bit - I can only think that it is because my pace over these past few days has slowed right down from the training (and racing) paces of my previous few weeks??? But -- who knows???

    Whatever, I am sure it will all pass. :) I can't really comment about shoes - because I have previously determined that I need to run in unsupportive neutral shoes - whose only purpose is to protect the soles of my feet from the hard man-made surfaces that I run on. I personally believe that any shoe that tries to force your feet to do something that your feet were not born to do are BAD!!! :)

  • I think I'm having the sam issues with new shoes. I bought a new pair of Brooks Cascadias about 2 weeks ago and immediately tried them out on a 10k run over different terrains and some hill work. Ever since, I've had some foot and hip pain. I'm thinking that I should've broken them in maybe 1 or 2 miles of walk/run.

  • Oh, Andy, let me tell you about my shoe saga :D I had my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12s for 500+ miles and noticed I was getting shin pain again. Off to Sweatshop for new shoes. I went for GA because when I got my Brooks I was two stone heavier and only on Week 3 - now I run up to 6k, so I wondered if my gait had changed. The first assessment said that it hadn't much so I came away with Asics 2000s. I ran but I was in discomfort afterwards, with pain in my hips and lower back. I tried a couple of runs to see if I needed to get used to them but no. Ran in my old faithfuls - no problem. Took them back and got Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14s. Exactly the same issue - acute pain in my hips, ran in my old Brooks, no problem. I took them back again and explained to a third person the entire problem. He said we'd start right from the very beginning as if I'd walked in for GA the first time. He decided I probably didn't over-pronate much at all and gave me some New Balance shoes. I am doing okay in these - there is a bit of getting used to new shoes, I would argue, because you've been running for so long in carpet slippers everything is moulded to your every wrinkle :D

    Moral of my story - persevere with the shop. I hope you find the right pair and can be comfortable. Another important learning for me is that as soon as these shoes drop in price I'll buy another pair! Happy running!

  • Hope you get it sorted. That's a pain. I had a bit of a similar thing last week and decided to loosen my laces a bit. That worked for me quite instantly. You've prob done that already but just a thought.

  • Think I have learnt that you need to "break" a new pair of shoes in slowly if this is the problem. I obviously made a school boy error and dived straight into the new ones. Spoke to the store today and have arranged to see them with both my old and new shoes. They seemed very keen to resolve this problem for me. Of course I still cant say 100% that its the shoes, but thought it worth going back to the store to double check before time goes on too much.

    Thanks for all your advice... interesting to read that I'm not the only one who's had a similar problem with new shoes.

  • I got new shoes about 2 weeks ago and have noticed my knees are a bit achy during my runs too. I have been putting it down to the fact that since I started C25K I have been in cheap and cheerful trainers from sports direct and have now had GA and been told I need supportive shoes to stop my foot rolling in. I'm putting it down to the fact that my knee has had 9 months of moving in one way and is now being made to move in a different (more correct) way and so is starting to ache. I'm giving it a bit longer to see if it improves as I have 30 days to return the shoes if I need to. Hope it gets better for you.

  • Yep.. same for me... first pair of shoes came from SD and they didn't cause me any problems. At first I thought it was me and kept going... but after 3 weeks, I thought it was time to try and resolve this before I end up injured.

  • Hi Andy,

    I have 3 pairs of running shoes but have stopped using one as the 'toe box' is too narrow and was giving me a painful big toe as I started running again.

    Still like my boring old white Saucony that I started out with years ago and alternate with my new bright red Scotts.

    I found it beneficial to alternate.

    Hope it is sorted soon!

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