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Springy Legs :)

Hello fellow runners :)

It's been an interesting few days running wise. Friday, saturday, sunday, monday tuesday I ran 5km each day. On the tuesday run I was feeling twinges in ankles and calves and the run was slower than the rest, so I decided to have a couple of days rest. In the end I didnt feel like running again until today (saturday).

I decided to do my hilly run for a change this morning. Felt tired to begin with, but that's normal for me, I always feel a bit out of sorts for the first 5 minutes or so. By the time I'd reached my turn around point, to head back towards home I was feeling pretty good :)

When I reached the bottom of the hill that leads up to my village, I would normally do my warm down walk, but I needed the toilet, so decided it would be less risky to run up it ! What surprised me was that when I finally stopped running, my legs felt really strong and springy, like they could bound around like a spring lamb :) I didnt try that ;) but they felt just great. I've no idea why they felt that way, but it was very nice :)

Happy Running :)

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That was an 8km run by the way this morning :)


Sounds like a good run! Do you often run on consecutive days? I thought it was recommended to take rest days in between to avoid injury?

Happy running!


Thought only top athletes ran on consecutive days without rest days, or risk injury. Or are you just testing out the theory? but then I thought it was fact...😕


One of the runners on this forum, who is more knowledgeable than I am, said that after a year of running it is possible to run on consecutive days if some of those runs are easy ones. All of my consecutive runs were gentle jogs.


Sounds ace!


OK, so that's good news for us newbies for the future. As I see some on here that feel like doing another run on the following day. I've yet to feel that, its still quite an effort for me to run in the first place.

Well done on achieving that. Do you do any extra leg strengthening excercise?


I did some ankle strengthening exercises after the ankle problems that I had in April. Apart from that the only other exercises I do are walking (which I enjoy a lot), occasional cycling, and from time to time the nhs Strength and Flex exercises (also done by Laura :) )

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