Week 8 done!!

If you told me a few weeks ago (when I was struggling to run more than 60 seconds non-stop) that I'd be running more than 28mins non stop and getting such a kick out of running that I feel absolutely gutted when I have to take a rest day I'd have told you that you were crazy. But that's exactly where I am today.

I've lost interest in pretty much any shopping except for workout gear and turned a drawer completely over to running clothes/accessories. I've become a C25K evangelist - extolling the virtues to anyone who stays near me for more than 30 seconds and really can't imagine how I waited this long before getting on this journey to running.

I'm really excited for week 9!

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  • oh my gosh you sound just like me, amazing isn't it !!

  • It so is! It seems crazy to be saying it though!

  • It's amazing isn't it! I am loving it! Good luck with the rest of the program! What are your plans for after you finish the program?

  • Well I have a Race for Life on the 22nd June so will continue with 30min runs for the next few weeks, but I think I'd eventually like to try to run for longer, maybe one day getting to 10K! I think it'll take me a fair while though!

  • Welcome to the addicts support group.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • YIPPEE !!

  • Fantastic post well done you. I'm on week nine run two tmrw. I Aldi feel amazed at what u can do. Great podcast. Well done nhs / laura

  • Hehe! Running is Grrrrrrrrrreat! Or is that Frosties?!?!

  • Congratulations on completing w8. Not long now till graduation :)

  • We must have started running at about the same time - I did W8R3 yesterday. I do enjoy the running, but I can't say I feel gutted on the rest days… Keep going till graduation!

  • Reading this has really inspired me coz I just did W1R3 yesterday and although it was ok and I managed it fine, I really don't see me ever being able to run for 28 minutes non-stop! However, after reading through various posts on this forum I can see that lots of people have stated the exact same thing and yet they have all continued to complete the programme. Hope I turn out to be one of those people. Congratulations on your progress, you are a definite inspiration.

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