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W8R2 Tried too hard

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Saw my chance in the dry window of weather this morning to get the R2 under my belt, made the mistake of thinking how far can I run in the 28 minutes excluding the warm up and cool down walks.

So I think I put needless pressure on myself to achieve distance too soon in the programme rather than to enjoy.

I completed the run but my pace was too fast for the first half and consequently the last 10 minutes or so was really hard work. It was mental determination that got me to the end.

Moral of the story ...... it doesn’t matter how far you run as long as you complete the run and enjoy it, and shouldn’t be too critical of each run. Every run is a achievement.

Looking forward to a more enjoyable paced relaxed R3 now without putting pressure on myself. What ever I achieve in distance is a massive achievement as I hadn’t done any running before starting C25K .

Four more runs to go! 🏃‍♀️

12 Replies
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Absolutely right !

Only 2 things really matter .

1 . Enjoy the run

2. Complete the run


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Well done you did it and you learned an important lesson.

C25k is purely duration based andthe recommended easy conversational pace equates to approximately 75% of your maximum heart rate, which is the perfect zone to build the solid aerobic base required to run faster and further, which is why it is the pace at which elite athletes spend up to 80% of their training time.

Can you speak aloud, clear, ungasping sentences as you run?.........if not, you are going too fast.

Slowing down to the recommended easy conversational pace makes it more achievable and for most, more enjoyable.

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DupsGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Definitely lessons learned. Actually I’m irritated at myself for doing it. I suppose by making the mistakes is how we learn and improve.

Onwards and upwards, thanks for the advice 👍🏻

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I’m week 8 too and only do about 2 miles ...so nowhere near 5k...but the fact I keep going for 28 minutes is way more important to me now as I could barely get through the 60 second runs at the start !

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DupsGraduate in reply to mezziejay

I agree, I think when I got a little caught up reading posts where other runners had posted how far they had ran and I was curious to see what I was running at.

I had completed 3.74 k in the 28 mins so no where close to doing 5k in the 30 min run.

So acceptance is the way to go, enjoying and completing the programme being the most important thing.

So well done to us both for getting to W8. Won’t be long before we graduate 😂 👏

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Absolutely - just keep going!

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DupsGraduate in reply to carolinestanford

Thanks, I absolutely will keep going, I think my school day competitiveness kicked in , I think I best remind myself that was 38 years ago 😂😂

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100% 👌🏼 sometimes my competitive streak wants to push further and I have to remind myself it really doesn’t matter right now.

We’re still complete newbies in this running game and there’s plenty of time ahead for bigger challenges (exciting!) 😝

Let’s enjoy the ride in the meantime 😎

Good luck with R3!

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Glad it’s not just me, I just said that to Carolinestanford a minute ago about my competitive streak.

You right, plenty time ahead for bigger challenges.

Thank goodness for this forum. It keeps you on the right track 👍🏻😊

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acountrycabbageGraduate in reply to Dups

Yep, I’m so excited for all the possibilities that lie ahead. I want to become the fittest I’ve ever been in my life. For once, the motivation is sticking.

If it wasn’t for this forum, I think my competitive/stubborn/too-hard-on-myself personality would have seen me crash and burn longgg before now 😏

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Yeah, I need to stop beating myself up when actually I’m doing great. Like you I want to be the fittest I can be, I love the feel good factor and the challenges it brings. Putting today down as a ‘blip’ and a learning curve.

Looking forward to completing W8 🏃‍♀️😊

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Well done Dups!!!

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