W9r1- "Oh, hello Julie. Didn't know you'd be joining me this morning!"

Have to say it was quite a pleasant surprised to be joined by Julie for the final week of c25k -Laura has obviously broken my spirit when it comes to music!! Can't believe I did it, but I did. The ancient knees were equal to the challenge and I ran for the full 30 minutes, including a sneaky sprint (for an ancient mum) at the end. I'm never going to be fast, but managed 4.1k, so very very happy, in fact, delighted! Happy running folks xx


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  • Well done for getting through the song, let alone the run! As I am listening to my own music now, I listened to the podcast on my home pc, because the Julie song seems to be a right of passage, and I didn't want to graduate workout having heard it! It is quite interesting to listen to the podcasts when sat at my desk, it made me realise just how long we are running for! Good luck AM, you are so close!

  • Thank you Treemouse, I really do need to sort out a play list for when Laura and I eventually part company but her terrible music does seem to suit my pace really well. I dread picking tunes with the wrong tempo and ending up either walking or going far too fast and having a melt down. Just gotta man up and risk it I guess!

  • Just when you thought it was safe to go out running again................

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Cheers m'dear. Certainly smiling today!

  • Thanks KK. Must admit I was really surprised when I realised how far I'd got. The ancient knees aren't that happy now but I've been rocking the Tubigrip look most of the day, so hopefully they'll be ok tomorrow x

  • Happy running Ancient Mum what a brill feeling, I start wk 6 in am , today messing with my new toy a garmin I got secondhand and a music list, I never thought I could achieve this in a million years, especially at 67, but I have and I am so proud of me

  • Oooo a Garmin, how exciting! I'm thinking of treating myself to one as a graduation present. I know what you mean, I never ever thought I'd be able to run for 30 minutes non-stop before I started this programme but it just goes to show how amazing it is. Be proud of yourself, you flippin' deserve it - we all do! x

  • Wow, plus a sprint! That gives me hope. You're nearly a graduate!

  • It wasn't much of a sprint I'm afraid. I doubt Jessica Ennis is quaking in her boots but I just couldn't help myself. The last song on the w9 podcast just forces you to lengthen your stride and the next thing you know your're sprinting ( in a very ancient mum kind of way) It probably helped that it was down hill too lol.

  • woohoo to running and the Julie song. Well done. 2 more to go :D

  • Cheers m'dear Woohoo indeedy!! I was ridiculously please about my unexpected encounter with Julie, like having an old friend along for the first part of the warm up. How sad am I! I obviously need to get a running partner (or a dog!) ' Twas a fine run today though and I've been grinning ever since x

  • And now I have that song back in my head! :)

    That's a cracking pace... well done! 2 more to graduation!

  • Sorry about that Aussiegtc, it is one of *those* songs isn't it! I was genuinely very surprised by the pace, given my previous times, but I've checked it twice and it is right. It's amazing what a new route can do! x

  • We all have that song in our brains and it's etched there forever. We will sing it til we expire! It's what joins us together as one. Only us know it. No-one on the outside does LOL

    "Truly, I've had enough of Julie .......tra la la" Now see what you did!

  • I really love the idea of the 'Julie' song being the unofficial secret anthem of the c25k community. A bit like a Freemason handshake, we could all hum it quietly at the start of races and Parkruns to identify ourselves to fellow c25k-ers. I think you're definitely on to something there LOL x

  • Like Dan, I hate that song, but it's associations are so positive in my head, that I think it would make a brilliant secret anthem. But I have good news for you all........I can't remember how it goes any more.........and to be absolutely honest, I don't want to ....so I retract my support for your proposition forthwith. Nothing like being decisive. No nothing like.

  • Procrastinaters of the World unite - or maybe not!

  • I HATE THAT BLOODY JULIE SONG!! Makes me wanna screeeeeeeaaaam!!!!

  • ♪♪ Truly, I think you've had enough of Julie ♪♪

    So you won't be adopting it as the secret anthem of c25k-ers everywhere, Danzargo?? Lol

  • NO!!

  • Almost there Sweetie- with the aid of ibuprofen, Tubigrip and sheer bloody minded determination. If your knees are giving you gyp, try KittyKat007's Tubigrip tip, it really really helps. Only 2 runs to go- we CAN do this!! xx

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