Forget about running!!

For those who have Graduated and are trying to figure out what to do with themselves - why not "forget about running?? " for a while, or at least on occasion.

Find yourself a particularly interesting/scenic route - a longish one - one that you would really like to have a good look at but which up until now you would automatically reach for the car keys to do so -- and do it on foot. You can run or walk - maybe stop and admire the views for a while -- but the object is to do that route on foot. . This is really what I have started running to do.

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  • Great suggestion Bazza1234. I am absolutely going back to some of my previous runs to feel the freedom to stop and take photos, no longer slave to the podcast on my phone.

  • Good suggestion Bazza! Once my ruptured calf heals, I'd like to take time to walk/run/ stand and stare etc...

  • Lovely idea. Now to find new routes. Thank you xxx

  • I agree. I really enjoy this aspect of my running - my canalside route (for example) offers me history and wildlife, I can lift up mine eyes unto the hills, I can experience the blackness of the tunnel, I can see cars on the A road and little trains.

  • I totally agree. Whilst the area I live in is built up and not scenic, I take the time to just enjoy the outdoors in a way I did not when I was doing the podcasts. Run, walk, whatever. I'm just enjoying being fitter than I have been in about 30 years.

  • You always talk sense Bazza and I completely agree. Half the pleasure is simply in being out there, and I am blessed with lovely countryside on my doorstep to enjoy. Sometimes it's just fun to run with no music and no thoughts of pace or distance.

    How great life can be!

  • I check out new runs by dog walking. The dog I walk loves to stand and stare to take in his surroundings and to scent the air. I found a gorgeous trail recently, tried to run it the other morning, but it was chock a block with walkers and bird watchers, photographers. I think there must have been a notable bird sighting. The world and his wife were there, and I thought only me knew about it. LOL

  • I tried this today, I was running in daylight rather than at dusk which made me feel a bit more adventurous. I explored some lovely places I'd never been before and I found a bloody great hill- you win some you lose some!

    Have fun everyone x

  • I am looking forward to this idea. There are other parks in my area that I am hoping to give a try. And even on in the park I already run in, I can't wait until I can stop and take a picture of things from time to time. Out on the trails here in California I have seen hawks in the sky and jack rabbits leaping across the pathways but always during my runs where stopping wasn't really an option.

  • Just had 4weeks off two weeks sick, one week of work schedule and a week of fretting over doing a run. Did 4K today. Wished I'd done the walk rather than fretting last week. Great advice. Thanks.

  • I am on holiday and an a big dubious about running in a strange place. This sounds a great idea. Will take iPhone on Tuesday and stand stare and snap holiday pics. Thank you Bazza

  • Hmmm - perhaps my post has been misunderstood?? :) The idea behind it is not to stop running -- but to forget about running itself, for a while . The idea is to cease concentrating on the act of running - and concentrate on incorporating running or walking into longish adventures on foot. I want to emphasize the words "longish" and "on foot" :)

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