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I wonder where that goes?

We've all done it. Merrily running along and spying a path that leads off to somewhere else.

Well today while running my semi usual route I decided to take that route, thinking that it would rejoin my path futher along.

What a great if knackering experience. The loop added around 2.5k to the route but was full of steep ups and long downs. Legs were like jelly at the end but really good fun.

So, follow that new path, it might just take you somwhere exotic :)

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Well done Runner , isnt it amazing where our little running adventures take us ?

Lovely post xx

Your legs were like jelly ? Did you throw a wobbler ? ha ha :-D

Good to hear youre back out there again x


They really broke the mould when you were born PP. Good to see you're still not set in your ways :)

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Ha ha ! :-)

I can see what you did there , Very good ! :-D xxx


The village I live in is so small that I do know all the paths, but the next village over is bigger and I run there once a week. I do the same sort of thing - just try going down whichever road takes my fancy, and seeing where it gets me to. Either it's a cul-de-sac so I just run round the end and back to where I came in, or it takes me somewhere else which is always fun... Fortunately I've not been ambushed with any 2.5k loops, but sounds like you had fun! Well done :)




I am in firmly in the explore a new route camp. Still, you get to know your area like the back of your hand. I do the same when I walk the dog ☺


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