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My first 10K non-stop ever!!!

-- and I am thinking that it may be my last.

I managed to run non-stop for just over 10K this morning. Pace was over a minute per K slower than what I ran 14K over a very hilly course recently (using 2/1 run/walk)

But I wanted to say that I had done it - and now I can say that I can :) But I have to come back to the question --"What am I running for? " and really, I don't know. I am not a natural runner - never have been and never will be. I just wanted to be able to do it and now I have found that I can - sort of!! I have discovered Orienteering and will go to my second outing this weekend. Orienteering suits the kind of running that we did in the early stages of C25K -- ie intervals of up to say 5 minutes running, then you stop to find the checkpoint and on you go.

I feel that running non-stop has really "killed" any speed that I had :) - so perhaps I might think about starting a 10K run/walk programme when I get back from holidays in a few weeks time.

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Bazza that is a brilliant achievement. It's amazing how far you come and running doesn't do it for everyone but look where the programme has brought you! You would never have discovered orienteering for example. You have probably grew and inch with new found self esteem and confidence to go out and try new things. Don't look on it as a failure if you never run a 10k again without stopping as it is far from it.

I feel similar to you that I am far from a natural and quite slow too so I am getting a bike and doing similar programme to get me cycling with the hope of a duathlon in the new year, 5k being my preferred distance!

Have a great holiday and hold your head high you are officially a runner, sportsman, whatever you want to call it.


Well done Bazza. At least you can say you've done it, and that's more than most people can claim. I love that you put so much thought into your running; experiment with different ways of running and work hard to discover what's right for you. Have a fab holiday and good luck with the orienteering.

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Fantastic work Bazza! Really good achievement.

The orienteering sounds really interesting too. I have vague memories of doing it as a kid in scouts but can see as a running thing it could be a whole new lot of fun.


Well, now you've done the 10k and ticked it off you CAN move on to whatever you want. I guess the orienteering suits your intellectual capabilities! Whatever, you have done amazingly so far and got lots of us to think more deeply about running. Hope you have a great holiday.


You are not only setting yourself new goals you are inspiring a lot of people here as well as giving us a lot of insights into the technicalities of running. Have a brilliant holiday. :)


We all start this with one aim learning to run we often go our differnt paths when we have achieved that. Well done on your 10k and determination to get to finish it in one go. I have had similar thoughts to yourself since finishing the triathlon. I have found a walk/run method that suits me and my pace has got better since "allowing" myself to enjoy walk/run I have even upped my distance for the first time in over a year. I have found happiness running this way. I still try and do one continuous run a week like you I want to reach 10k but will probably work toward a half marathon distance as walk/run. I have to say I have you to thank for allowing myself to say it's ok, so thank and enjoy your orienteering.


Er, I think the orienteers who are the good navigators do the finding the checkpoint on the run....

I can very much relate to that feeling of having ticked something off and not being in any particular hurry to ever do it again.

I am not sure I really know what a natural runner is though and I doubt if it is a useful concept (How many of us never try running because of thoughts like this?). Someone who likes doing it - regardless of shape or style. Paula Radcliffe always looks as though she hates every second but clearly not...


I think you should do whatever makes you happy. Isn't that what life is all about (once you've ticked off the responsibilities we all have)? If you don't like running a non-stop 10k, then don't! You are doing so many other fun things you never thought you would, and you clearly love your new-found fitness. :)


Well -- I did say (here) that I wanted to run 10K non-stop by 27 October - so looks like I have done that -- but I also said to myself that , because it looked like I would do it earlier than originally planned, I would do it 3 times before going on hols. :)

I decided today that I would wear a HRM but not run to it. Thus I found that my breathing was quite reasonable ( maybe a bit above "conversational level") but my heart rate was basically at a rate that was too high for my level of fitness over 10K. Last week during the 9K run, I did run according to the easy HRM zone but the pace was so painfully slow - and the pace even "hurt" my legs - so I decided today to go a bit harder. So, even then, although the pace was really too fast - it was still very slow ( when compared to run/walk)

Anyway, I have two more weeks before we go on hols - so I may repeat the distance two more times yet - one using run/walk and the other non-stop running at a HR that is not too high.

But - as others have said , I would never have dreamed that one day I would be able to run 10K non-stop at any pace :) But I do think I will do a 10K run/walk training programme on our return - I like the look of this one by Jenny Hadfield


Are any of us natural runners though Baz? I certainly don't feel like one, deffo have to work at it, but I get there.

There's no need to kill ourselves though so I can see where you're coming from. There's no pleasure in it if you feel like death afterwards. It's got to be enjoyable


Well done Bazza! Great achievement.

It seems that whatever you set your mind to you can achieve with practice and determination.


Well done, fantastic achievement. I remember doing orienteering and really enjoyed it in my teens, it is great fun


Hi Bazza. I have just come back to the forum after giving up running for 4 months over the summer when I play a lot of golf and dont have time. Good to see you are still at it and that you have made so much progress.

Interesting but not terribly surprising that your time for solid running 10k is so much slower than your 2/1 run/walk time. Have you tried other run/walk combos to see if you can find the optimum? Back in May I found that 4:15/0:45 was about optimum for me, enabling me to keep up an overall pace of just over 5 mins per km over 10k, though to be honest I never tried to do 10k as a solid run - not sure I could actually.



I am thinking of doing that in a few weeks time after we come back from hols.


I suspect with your new level of fitness that 2/1 provides rather too much respite now...


Nah! - I am an old Engineer - when in doubt , always go back to First Principles . In this case, C25K weeks 1&2 are the "running" First Principles. If ever I get lost, that's where I go back to - don't usually stay there for long though!! :)


Ah well done , very impressed and hope that I could do that one day :)


Yay you You've done it! Another goal ticked off.. well done and massive congrats xx


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