Couch to 5K

My C25K Story

My C25K Story

I honestly can't believe I completed it!

I didn't do a single minute of exercise between school, and being 32. I've always suffered bad blood pressure, it's hereditary. I've always been told not to go running by my GP as it'd be too strenuous on my heart. In August I got a new GP who recommended C25k as it was gradual.

I graduated last week, and this is what it has done to my blood pressure:


It took me about 15 weeks to complete, as I really got stuck on weeks 3 & 6. I just didn't feel confident with the longer runs. I did a few 'extended' runs when I was feeling confident by just rewinding / restarting the postcast (not sticking to the programme I know)

I HATED running, TBH I hated exercise, but running has to be the worst type.

(I only got a tracking app in Week 2)


W2 R1 Ex - 5.02 Km(7.1Km/h)

W2 R2 - 4.02Km (6.8Km/h)

W2 R3 Ex - 5.41Km (7.1Km/h)

W3 R1 - 3.47 Km (7.2Km/h)

W3 R2 - 3.30Km (7.2Km/h)

W2 R4 Ext - 3.55 Km (5.7Km/h)

W3 R4 - 3.43Km (7.1 Km/h)

W3 R5 -3.49Km (7.0Km/h)


W3 R6 - 2.96Km (6.6Km/h)

W2 R5 (ext) 8.44Km 7.2Km/h)

W3 R7 3.39Km (7.0 Km/h)

W3 R8 - 3.0Km (5.7Km/h)

W3 R9 - 3.34Km (6.9Km/h)

W3 R10 - 3.35Km (7.0Km/h)

W4 R1 - 4.26Km (7.0Km/h)

W4 R2 (ext) - 5.16 Km (6.7Km/h)

W4 R3 - 4.21Km (7.4Km/h)

W2 R1 (w/Wife) - 4.25Km (6.2Km/h)

SRC W2 - 3.24Km (5.8Km/h)

W5 R1 - Ext - 8.86Km (7.0Km/h)

W5 R2 - 4.43Km (6.7Km/h)

W5 R3 - 4.74Km (7.2Km/h)

SRC Week 3 - 3.24Km (5.8Km/h)


W6 R1 - 4.90Km (7.0Km/h)

W6 R2 - 4.587Km (7.2Km/h)

W6 R3 Ext, - 6.60Km ( 7.5Km/h)

W6 R4 Ext, 7.96Km (7.3 Km/h)

W6 R5 6.18Km ( 7.2Km/h)

W6 R6 (ext.) (7.6Km/h)

W7 R1 - 5.04 (7.8Km/h)

W7 R2 - 5.63Km (7.5Km/h)

W7 R3 - 4.92Km (7/8Km/h)

W8 R1 - 5.25Km (7.4Km/h)

W8 R2 - 5.19Km ( 7.8 Km/h)


W8 R3 - 5.23Km ( 7.8Km/h)

W9 R1 - 5.58Km (7.7Km/h)

W9 R2 - 5.13 (7.5Km/h)

W9 R3 - 6.11 (8.2Km/h)

Imagine my surprise when I looked down after finishing my graduation run and seeing that I'd ran exactly 200Km since starting! I'd have been knackered driving 200Km a few months ago!

I know C25k isn't a weight loss thing, but I've def shaped up in the last couple of months: (I've not done any other exercise, or improved my terrible diet)


I just really want to encourage anyone who is still on the journey to keep going. Trust in it, it really works. My BP and weight have improved, but the biggest difference is to how I FEEL. I've go so much more energy, and people even say I'm a lot more positive in my attitude now too!

Now, where do I order this graduation T-Shirt from...

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Congrats to you! You need your graduation badge too! My BP has come down considerably too, and my resting heart rate..


wow wow wow, amazing, definitely inspiring. I'm on week 5 now, I feel great, can't wait for run 2.

did you your graduation t-shirt?

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Keep going! it definitely gets easier from there!


Well done. A fantastic journey and one of which you should be very proud.

I would urge you to keep going with your running. You have turned your life around and should not give up on the progress that you have made.

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Well done you what a great journey you've had, I started the program at 73 and it's done wonders for my blood pressure, keep on running


Blimey! I hope I'm still doing it at 73 that's incredible!


Well done! That's amazing to see such good results with your BP and interesting that others notice a positive change in you. Good advice from runner56, though I'm sure you'll be highly motivated to keep going now. Happy running! x

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That's a pretty dramatic improvement in your BP ! Well done ! Looking good too....

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Well done on your graduation and all the changes it has brought to your life . A true success story xxx

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Wow, well done that man!!!! You must feel a million dollars. You look great by the way

C25k has saved us, literally, hasn't it. It is changing so many lives for the better. I hope you will keep running for the sake of your continued good health. Improving your diet would be a fab idea too. Don't eat rubbish, eat clean. You'll feel even better if you do. It's not difficult, just cut the cr*p. You know it makes sense

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wow, well done. Bet you are pleased with yourself and so you should be. Which tracking app do you use?

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Aww thanks!

I use Runtastic and can highly recommend it. It's free.

It gives you a map of where you've run, highlighted from red to green showing where you sped up etc. plus how many Calories you've burned, your pace etc.

For each run you get to add a note, a photo and an emoticon with a smiley!

The best (and cheesiest) bit is you can link it to your Facebook... and if someone 'Likes' it while you're running it sends a cheer through your headphones!


Thanks- I'll give it a shot. Although I am running in secret at the moment so would be mortified to link it to fb. ;-) I figured I would tell everyone I have become a runner when I graduate!

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Excellent stuff! Make sure you share you progress on here tho!

Yeah TBH I un-synced mine from FB pretty quickly!


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