Does it matter that I havent completed all the runs in week 1?

So I started c25k at the end of last week, but due to my atrocius level of fitness, I had to walk for about 10-20 seconds of the last two runs of both R1 and R2. Going for R3 later, and determined to complete all runs, even if that means slowing my pace etc. BUT my question is... can I still attempt W2 when I haven't really completed W1?


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  • See how run three feels. If you get through it ok and you feel comfortable moving on, then do. Otherwise, it'd be a good plan to re-run week one.

  • I agree with andystev. Remember, also, that the brisk walks are an essential part of your drive to increase stamina. Think of them as part of the whole process not just as rest periods. If you are having difficulty with the run part, increase the walking pace and reduce the running pace. You will find it gradually becomes easier to run if your walk has been really brisk! :)

  • Just remember, you can repeat weeks as many times as you like, the course doesn't strictly have to take nine weeks. If you spend two weeks on each section - so be it - don't rush yourself and remember to jog slower if needs be!

    As Happier has said, it's a whole process- not just X minutes jogging, rest of the section rest. Keep at it- whilst it might not seem it right now, each run you do will feel easier with time!

  • Thank you pixel for that. I'm starting my first one in about an hour and worried about the run section. I shall bear your advice in mind, thank you .

  • Best of luck!

    Don't be too worried about running- it'll come more naturally with time. I really struggled on week one, but by week five I'm now running eight minutes (and could quite happily go on for longer) and bizarrely am looking forward to my first long twenty minute run at the end of the week. It's all a bit crazy, and I'm sure if you stick to the program you'll be feeling the same sort of things in a months time!

    Just take it at your own pace, if you struggle with a week- that's fine - just repeat said week. Don't be down upon yourself if you have to repeat a week- remember, you've done the hard part, you've gotten off the sofa. :)

    (Also, just remember not to be down on yourself if you're not as fast as you'd perhaps like. The goal of the program is to get you running for thirty minutes- speed can come in later.)

  • Just repeat your runs until you feel ready to continue, I did this regularly up until about Wk4 and if I have a gap such as going on holiday or my husband needs particular care then I just return to where I felt comfortable and then carry on. Above all it's about enjoying yourself, running should be enjoyed not edured. Keep smiling, you CAN do it!

  • Hi all

    Thanks for your answers and advice - just came back from R3 and completed it all. Kept the walk brisk and slowed the run a tad. Pretty stupid I know, but I'm quite chuffed with myself! We're going to do one more W1 run in a couple days, and if I can do it all again then we're going to try W2 R1, and if not successful, go back to W1 ... what do you think?

    Thanks again

  • I think that sounds like a solid plan! I suggest if you don't manage it, perhaps try one more week of week one.

    And it's not stupid- you've done the hardest bit now, you've gotten off the sofa. You're out there, and you're not giving up- that's fantastic! We all found week one rough, and you should give yourself a big pat on the back for completing it. :) Well done, keep at it!

  • I think if you've done 3 Week 1 runs successfully, you don't go back. But I'd hesitate to do a Week 2 podcast unless and until you have (even if they are not consecutive) so that you develop a 'habit' of completing the podcasts as per programme. That way you just don't have to try to second guess whether you are ready... you will be. It might take you more than 3 runs, but that doesn't make you unready to try. Does that make sense?

    ...All of that said, I think Week 1 is a killer. After graduating I've gone back to them to use for speeding up, or for hills but yuck, yuck, yuck, apart from the music which I like and the nostalgia too! I've found using week 2 or 3 easier.

  • I did. I skipped W1R3 and W2R3. Just felt I was ready and they weren't pushing me enough. However, I wouldn't if you don't think you are fit enough xxx

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