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Week 6 Run 3 complete hoooorah!!!!!

Well here we are again run 3 complete this morning hooorahhhhh!!!!!!!

Wasn't easy mind you, I really had to push myself on this one!!!!! Been on call all week and with calls coming in at all hours I put it down to being very tired this morning!!!!!! I completed run 2 on Friday but was unable to post as went out and I really missed doing that!!!

But I had a delicious recovery milkshake as described by miles yonder and was great!! Thank you for that!!

I also bought myself some more running trousers and a bright green running top - just so no one misses me when am out and about and vans, cars and cyclists have no excuses!!!! Actually got barged by a pedestrian today , think he was jealous as he lumbered along and shouted at me to get in the, cycle lane !!!! Haha had to laugh, why on earth would I be in the cycle lane?????

Never mind hey !!! Well am looking forward to week 7 run 1 on Tuesday I think.

Best of luck to all my fellows out there and well done to all of you just starting out on this plan I love it and hope you all do to!!!

Best regards

Josie - Jo

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My milkshake brings all the girls to the yard! :D No problem, JJ; glad you enjoyed the chocolate recovery milkshake! Incidentally, I've just made one ready for the morning; concocted and placed in an empty 500ml Buxton water bottle, nicely chilling away - my tip of the day. Well done on finishing week six, despite your encounter with the pedestrian and his rather absurd ideas about where you should run! Good luck for week seven; you'll do great. :-)


Well done on completing week 6 which must be the toughest of the programme. It's a real achievement and, of course, Laura has told you that you are now a runner. Maybe that's why that chap said you should be in the cycle lane - you are now bowling along! Glad you enjoyed your milkshake - I'm wary of Miles' recipes now as they tend to be highly addictive! Good luck with week 7 and very best wishes. Once you get into your stride the time will fly by and you'll have that badge before you know it.


Well done - it sounds like you're doing great and rapidly becoming another addict!


Hurrah ! Great stuff, well done :-) xxx


Thanking all you lovely people out there!!!! Miles that is a good tip but being organised is no it my thing !!! But am learning to plan ahead!!

Thank you all



Well done j-j! We all made it through the dreaded W6! Good luck next week everyone :)


Well done JJ, I am hoping to do my third week 6 run tomorrow, I am a little behind schedule as I needed to take an extra rest day.

Well done, sounds like you are really enjoying it and doing great, so that's all good :) x


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